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TEST: How well do you know BLACKPINK’s Rosé?





Every BLINK should know the basic information about the history of the idols. If you think you know what you need about rosé, this test will show how much fan you are of the BLACKPINK singer.

BLACKPINK is recognized worldwide, the group of YG Entertainment You have played in concerts all over the world and are planning a new project. Do you consider yourself an expert fan of this group? Show it off with yours Knowledge on rosé.

The idol She has been acclaimed many times for her voice, while her incredible fashion sense made her the figure every magazine wants on its pages. But there is a whole behind its success history that allowed him to get to where he is today.

Some fans have followed the career of BLACKPINK Since their debut, those who recently met the singers have also had the opportunity to learn more about each one of them thanks to the online community.

The history from rosé and her current popularity will be key to finding out how much you know about this girl group member. Let us know in the results what result you have achieved.

Show how much you love Rosé, the singer from BLACKPINK

1. What’s your name in Korean?

  • Chaehyun Park (30)
  • Chaeyoung Park (10)
  • Park Chaeryeon (20)

2. For which brand is the idol an ambassador?

  • Dior (30)
  • Gucci (20)
  • Saint Lauren (10)

3. What is the name of the song of G dragon where sings rosé?

  • Without you (10)
  • BLACK (20)
  • I miss you (30)

4. For how many years have she been a trainee of YG Entertainment?

  • 3 years (30)
  • 4 years (10)
  • 5 years (20)

5. What song did she play for her audition?

  • I will not give up – Jason Mraz (10)
  • Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis (30)
  • Livin La vida Loca – Ricky Martin (20)

6. Who motivated Rosé to audition?

  • His sister (20)
  • His father (10)
  • His mother (30)

7. Rosé covered Halsey which song became very popular, which song did he sing?

  • Bad in love (30)
  • Colors (20)
  • Eyes closed (10)

70 to 80 points

You are a seasoned fan when it comes to this rosé They probably also know a lot about the journey they have traveled Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo up to be Idols Because you pay close attention to details and are easy to remember. Congratulations FLASH!

90 to 120 points

You know a lot about the member of BLACKPINK, but there are details that you don’t yet know or that you may have already forgotten. Keep learning Idols and accompany them throughout their career in the industry.

130 to 210 points

Although you certainly like the music of BLACKPINK You don’t know many details about his offstage life or history so we cannot consider you to be experts on the career of rosé.

We told you that recently YG Entertainment has a project for BLACKPINK and his fans around the world find out what it’s about.