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TEST: What first impression would you give to Rosé?




TEST: What first impression would you give to Rosé?

The first impression is always important, but only sometimes is it successful. Dare to find out how Rosé would react to you.

The girls from BLACKPINK are some of the Idols Most loved today, over time they have gotten close to other celebrities inside and outside the United States K-pop, but it’s likely that it won’t be so easy for the singers to bond with other people, it will all depend on it first impression when you meet someone who is new.

Chances are that when you talk to a stranger they don’t have much to say about their immediate surroundings, but still, it’s possible to make a good connection from that moment on.

To meet Rosé could arouse the emotions and even nervousness of any fan of BLACKPINK but keeping calm would be worth it to be able to talk to him idol.

Can you imagine how that works? Singer when you met her personally? Tell us how you feel when you are with strangers and we will help you figure out what that would be first impression You would give that to the girl

Find out what BLACKPINK Rosé would think when you meet

1. What do you do when you arrive in a new classroom and don’t know anyone?

  • I sit in front to be attentive (20)
  • I would approach a group of people and start talking (30)
  • I would sit at one of the banks (10)

2. Someone unknown comes to speak to you. What do you do?

  • I pretend I wasn’t listening because I don’t like talking to strangers (10)
  • I get nervous and try to end the conversation (20)
  • I speak comfortably to this person (30)

3. You visit a cafeteria with no company. What do you do?

  • I use my cell phone to talk (20)
  • I put my headphones on (10)
  • I enjoy my drink calmly (30)

4. How would your friends describe you?

  • Reliable (20)
  • Funny (30)
  • Shy (10)

5. What do you think is your best quality?

  • I am very creative (20)
  • I am always vigilant (10)
  • I am optimistic (30)

6. Which of the following activities could be your hobby?

  • Read (20)
  • Television (10)
  • Exercise (30)

7. How would you describe your style?

  • Various (30)
  • Casual (10)
  • With very feminine details (20)

70 to 120 points

Rosé would think that you are a very charismatic person and full of positive energy, someone who, thanks to your optimism, is able to infect everyone around you. You have no problem meeting new people and you show your interest in others even if they don’t have a lot in common, so the idol needs a lot good impression from you.

130 to 150 points

After met you Rosé would think that you are a very attentive person with good manners. Someone who not only cares about themselves but also about other people. You don’t have a great sense of humor, but you are always nice to everyone around you.

160 to 210 points

Rosé would think that you are someone who is a little shy or very serious. It is difficult for you to open up in front of other people, and therefore it is difficult for you to meet new people with whom you think you have nothing in common.

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