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TEST: Which Got7 member would ask for your phone number?




TEST: Which Got7 member would ask for your phone number?

Find out which Got7 member would notice you and ask for your phone number after you meet. It all depends on your personality.

Thanks to the different content that the K-pop It is possible to meet offers from every group Idols beyond what they show on stage, we learn to distinguish some features from them Personalities and how they behave in certain situations. who of Got7 would you ask Phone number should they meet? We’ll help you find out.

When a new person shows up in your life, they will likely want to keep up the communication, especially if they find they have a special connection, when their moods are similar, or just when they want to get to know each other better.

They may want to become close friends, or something more, hence your characteristics personality What you show in an initial meeting is key to figuring out which member is from Got7 he would be interested in you and ask about you Phone number.

Answer the following exam Make a note of how you are doing and what activities you enjoy, the score of each answer, and at the end add up the amounts to get the result that suits you.

The Got7 member who wants your phone number

1. What do you think is your best quality?

  • My smile (50)
  • My sense of humor (40)
  • My clothing style (10)
  • The passion I have for my hobbies (30)
  • My ease of socializing (20)

2. What is the most common activity on the weekends?

  • Running in the park (20)
  • Go to the cinema (40)
  • Shopping (10)
  • Take a walk out of town (30)
  • Take Your Pet for a Walk (50)

3. Which object do you almost always have with you?

  • Lenses or other accessories (10)
  • A book or notebook (30)
  • Camera (40)
  • Perfume (20)
  • One game (50)

4. How would you dress up on Halloween?

  • Vampire (30)
  • Witch (20)
  • Cat (40)
  • Mermaid (10)

A movie character, but not a horror character (50)

  • 5. How do you act when you meet new people?
  • I am shy and try to avoid this situation (10).
  • I’m not a conversation starter, but I answer politely (40)
  • I am the first to approach and start a conversation (20)
  • I admit that sometimes I try to take the first step but it doesn’t work very well (50)
  • I don’t think about it much, when it’s born to me I’ll speak without pressure as always

6. What makes you angry?

  • Working under pressure (40)
  • Rude People (30)
  • That there’s a lot of noise when I’m trying to focus (200)
  • Persistent People (10)
  • It depends on my mood, it can be almost anything or almost nothing (50)

7. Choose your favorite Got7 era

  • Present: You (50)
  • 7 for 7 (40)
  • Flight log: arrival (20)
  • Dyeing (30)
  • Just right (20)

70 to 100 points

Your responses indicate that the member of Got7 who would be interested in you Bam Bam, East idol would make sure to ask about yours Phone number to keep in touch with you and to make plans together.

110 to 140 points

Among the guys from Got7 would you get the attention of Jackson. Even though this is a boy with a very busy schedule, he would ask about yours Phone numberso as not to lose touch with you and meet later.

150 to 180 points

Your answers to that exam from Got7 reveal that your qualities are attractive Jinyoung, either to create a good friendship or even a tender romance, so I would definitely ask you Phone number.

190 to 220 points

Your answers in the exam indicate that you are a girl with a unique personality and JB I would notice, so this idol would be asking about you Phone number so that we can plan together later.

230 to 260 points

Youngjae is the member of Got7 Who would you be on good terms with after meeting them. For this reason, Youngjae I want to share more time with you and ask you Phone number.

270 to 310 points

Your answers in the test Got7 indicate that Yugyeom would be that idol Who would turn to you to ask about yours? Phone number, he Maknae have a very nice personality and he would use it to get you to accept.

320 to 350 points

Everything indicates that you are personality would captivate Mark this rapper would ask you Phone number After talking to you and realizing that you are a very interesting person, this is a great way to keep in touch.

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