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TEST: With which drama actor would you have a perfect relationship?




TEST: With which drama actor would you have a perfect relationship?

Drama actors have starred in various love stories that audiences fell in love with. Which of them would you have a perfect relationship with?

The Korean entertainment has thanks to the K-pop already Dramas, where different stars the performance they have interpreted characters unforgettable and have intrigued fans with their stories and talents, but only one of them has the right qualities to be you ideal friend.

From fantasy, school or drama plots Korean drama actors made their followers cry and sigh because, despite their life story, they found refuge in love and love K-drama couples I stayed in our hearts, but you too could live your own Romance.

Your Personalities, physical properties and characters did that actor they will be the kind of ideal guy what are we looking for in a Relationship. Discover with it Test which Korean drama actor you would have a perfect relationship with. Your personality and tastes will lead you to find that ideal partner for you.


Do you consider yourself a girl?
A) Unsure
B) Independent
C) Romantic
D) Shy

Do you like dramas by …?
A) school children
B) imagination
C) romance
D) action

Your ideal type should be …?
A) Do you have the same interests
B) committed
C) Chivalrous
D) honest

Do you like the characters …?
A) Popular
B) Mysterious
C) Male
D) rebels

What kind of act attracts you the most?
A) Cliche
B) imagination
C) With a lot of drama and love
D) Make me cry and laugh

How many dramas do you see per week?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 4 or 5
D) I see one a month

Do you think the love stories in Doramas are…?
A) romantic
B) exaggerated
C) originals
D) Very dramatic

What is your favorite drama?
A) Love alarm
B) The story of the nine tails
C) Goblin
D) Itaweon class

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Most of A

Song Kang

He is an intelligent drama actor, flirtatious boy who makes you feel like the only one in the world ideal friend to you. Someone who can make you appreciate yourself for who you are will protect and support you at all times, although you would find it difficult to easily accept.

Most of B

Lee Dong Wook

Someone male, with a mysterious aura and always trying to do the right thing, is him ideal friend What do you need. Lee Dong Wook He will enchant you with his delicate and serious personality, even if he is someone who expresses his feelings little, he will offer you a unique love and loyalty.

Most of C

Gong Yoo

Someone chivalrous, romantic, handsome and pleasant is that ideal friend to you. Gong Yoo is a drama actor that will conquer you with his shyness, his protective way of being and his sincerity. A man with a homely and familiar atmosphere is what you need in your life. Commitment and trust are what you get.

Most of D

Park Seo Joon

Someone who is fun, loyal, and manages to show their true self with you is the friend you need. Park Seo Joon It can make you laugh, like anger, but together you will learn to grow as a couple. He will always be there for you through thick and thin, trying to appreciate you as you deserve.

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