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The 20 richest K-pop idols in 2020




The 20 richest K-pop idols in 2020

The richest K-pop idols in South Korea, thanks to their careers in music, meet the highest income Korean personalities.

He Korean entertainment It has become one of the most popular industries thanks to drama and Korean pop. With international tours touring, record sales that become million sellers, series that achieve high ratings, contracts and promotional agreements, and the soil beneath their record label have allowed these stars to reap one great luck.

Since the Hallyu wave spread many years ago and the K-pop After a second boom, idols were able to travel to other countries and win over fans from all over the world with their songs, theater performances and solo projects. Dressing in fashion and with great brands is a luxury that only idols can afford with a great one Bank account.

BTS, BLACKPINK Super Junior, BIG BANG and like extinct groups 2PM or 2NE1 They had great idols in their ranks who managed to reap members in their ranks who continued to enjoy great success as soloists. There are also legends like Lee Hiory or BoA with years of experience that made it possible for them Make millions of dollars.

He K-pop is a great source of income and tourism for South Korea and idols could generate Profits Solo with a few or many years of career. Some of them are very young, but they already have a lot money. The sales of albums, merchandise, contracts, official merch, concerts, revenue from YouTube, Spotify and other platforms were business avenues for these Korean idols.

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NCT’s Chenle

Although he is young and has only been in the industry for 4 years, this is a member of NCT He is one of the richest of his generation because he comes from a wealthy family and his grandfather is a great Chinese businessman. It is estimated to be capital is 22 million and his net worth is 8.

NCT’s Taeyong

The NCT 127 member is also one of the richest of his generation, is valued at $ 9 million, is very popular thanks to his attractiveness and talent, he even made his solo debut a few months ago.

Super Junior’s Siwon

It is known that the super junior idol came from a wealthy family, was born in a golden cradle, but followed his dream as a singer. his capital Thanks to his career, acting jobs, contracts and work as UNICEF ambassador, there are 35 million.

EXO’s Suho

The singer and director of EXO owns a capital Valued at $ 8 million, the idol made his fortune thanks to his career with the group, OSTs, contracts, and theatrical performances.


The entire K-pop group is worth it Won 86 trillion, They made their fortune with sold out tours, merchandise, album sales, items and contracts with big brands, each of the members has a net worth of 12.3 billion won, they are among the richest in Korea.


The nation’s singer began her career at a very young age. Today she is one of the most famous singers in South Korea capital is 28 million generated through his career, OST, accomplishments and endorsements.


The entire group is valued at $ 5 billion. Jennie Thanks to his solo activities and sponsorships, he owns 11 million. rose comes from a family of lawyers, also has contracts with trademarks and a capital from 8 million. Lisa The company has raised advertising in its home country and generated $ 11 million. Jisoo As an idol, actress and fashion ambassador, she has generated 9 million.

Kim Jaejoong

Is one of the richest in South Korea, alone has one capital of 80 million, thanks to his career with TVXQ, as a soloist and his facet as an actor. He also invested in real estate.


The worldwide Korean music phenomenon caused euphoria with “Gangnam Style”. It owns its own K-pop agency and is valued at 65 million. Artists like Hyuna work with him.

BIG BANG’s G-Dragon

The Korean fashion icon is known to come from and own a golden cradle capital 45 million thanks to his work with BIG BANG, her contracts in the fashion world as well as her solo career.

2NE1’s CL

The former head of 2NE1 managed to establish herself as a soloist, she started a solo dream in the US and has since positioned herself as one of the fans’ favorite Korean singers, she capital is valued at 15 million thanks to her career, beauty deals, and K-pop group.


As one of the pioneers of K-Pop, she managed to triumph in the industry for 20 years. It was a leader in Japan, the second largest market for Korean pop. his capital Thanks to his solo career and work on shows and competitions, it is valued at $ 25 million.

2NE1’s Sandara Park

Former 2NE1 member, has generated his capital $ 32 million thanks to his career with the K-pop group, appearances on Korean shows, solo work, as well as his clothing line and YouTube channel

Lee Hiory

She is one of the most successful soloists in South Korea capital It is valued at $ 36 million, she started her career in the Fin.KL group, since then her solo music has allowed her to be one of the most cashed idols.


The Korean soloist owns one capital Out of 55 million thanks to his solo career, he is also a producer and owns his own record label, a job that has made him a lot of money.

SNSD’s Yoona

The member of Girls Generation It is worth $ 20 million and is one of the most beautiful and iconic faces in South Korea. In addition to her K-pop career, Yoona made her money thanks to her beauty deals and acting career.


The renowned actress and singer has one capital of 20 million thanks to his two careers, in addition to his millionaire contracts in the Dramas They allowed him to generate a lot of money as he is one of the most famous characters in his country.


The BIG BANG member is also one of the richest idols. It owns $ 25 million thanks to his career as a soloist, songwriter, and with the K-pop group.

Jessica Jung

The actress and former member of Girls Generation generated one capital from $ 15 million, from her career with the K-pop group to her facet as an actress, soloist, and fashion designer.

Jay Park

The renowned rapper and soloist managed to win one capital of $ 15 million thanks to his music, record label, and trajectory with the former group 2 p.m.

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