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The 25 Most Popular K-Pop Idols




The 25 Most Popular K-Pop Idols

K-pop idols are viewed as great role models by South Korean society. Many of them are high on the brand reputation list because of the public’s love for them. These are South Korea’s most popular K-pop singers and rappers.

He K-pop is one of the most consumed styles of music in the world. Boy and girl bands caught internet users’ attention because of their beauty, aesthetics, stage skills and other qualities, but what about them? South Korea?

The entertainment industry of South Korea is very broad and consumers in this country perceive celebrities differently, some idols are very Dear in his nation for its charisma and charm.

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The brand’s reputation is responsible for analyzing the public response Korean towards the Idols when they are featured in the media, when they are talked about on social media or online communities.

Next we’ll show you what’s 25 K-Pop Idols Most Loved by South Korean Society and that they have good seats within the call branded. You can find band members like EXO, BLACKPINK, Bts, ITZY, red velvet and many more.

REMEMBER: This list has no particular order, all the idols of the K-pop they are loved equally, each one has characteristics that make them unique and adorable.

The 25 Most Popular K-Pop Idols loved in South Korea


The BIG BANG member is loved by the community for his style, talents and strong personality. The rapper isn’t afraid to speak up about how he really feels.


The MAMAMOO member is an artist with a melodious voice and an incredible personality. The South Korean audience perceives her as strong, confident and independent.


The EXO singer Not only does have a powerful voice, he is also adorable. He is shown as a funny, flirtatious, and smiling boy so South Korea loves him.


The girl ITZY group member has a charming smile and a beauty that shines with her dances, looks and good performances on stage.

Kang Daniel

The K-pop idol has been loved by South Koreans since he appeared on television as a contestant on the second season of the talent show Produce 101.


The Bangtan Boys rapper is loved and valued by the citizens of South Korea for his mysterious aura, wild personality and depth with which he expresses himself.


The former Wanna One member won the love and affection of the Produce 101 show viewers. His talent and skills were trending on various online platforms.


The oldest member of Bts is one of the friendliest and funniest K-pop idols in the entire South Korean entertainment industry.


The EXO leader has a pleasant temperament, great intelligence and a good sense of humor, which gave him a good place in the hearts of Koreans.


The WINNER group member is popular for his ability to conquer the camera, show his true personality in variety shows and talk shows.


The minor member of Bangtan sonyeondan is one of the most famous and popular singers among the South Korean public for his visuals and talents.


The charismatic member of the Super junior group is one of the most popular Korean celebrities for his appearance on shows, work as an idol and host.


The red velvet member caught the attention of the Korean public for her cute interactions on TV. She is one of the idols with the most advertising deals.


The dancer, rapper and singer of the girls band ITZY became very popular for his strength on the stage and professional performances.


The Girls Generation member is one of the most popular Korean celebrities in his homeland society. Not only was she an idol, but she also established her career as an actress and model.


The sweet member of Beyond the scene is one of the most popular Korean pop idols for his great looks, artistic talents, and good personality.


The singer and dancer of the girls group AOA became increasingly popular in South Korea thanks to various fancams where he demonstrated his dancing skills.


The BTS rapper hit the hearts of Koreans because of the good vibes he always exudes and his mission to make those around them happy.


The performer of the Red Velvet group is characterized by her serene countenance and South Korean spectators love her for her leadership.


The member of the girls band BLACKPINK is admired and loved by South Koreans because she is a loyal representative of woman power and talent.


The singer of the boys group ASTRO is one of the most complete characters in K-pop. The idol: models, acts and sings naturally.


The Bangtan Boys leader is loved by the South Korean community for his intelligence, compassion, talent for group leadership, and outlook on life.


The Girls Generation leader is one of the most famous female voices in the Korean music industry, the idol earned her place as one of the girls most loved by Koreans.


The Bts idol is one of the major South Korean music stars and his name always appears on the most searched idols list on the internet.

Jung Yonghwa

The leader of the boy band CNBLUE became one of the most popular actors in South Korea with the classic drama “You’re Beautiful”.

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