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“The Chaos Chapter”: Is TXT planning her next comeback?




"The Chaos Chapter": Is TXT planning her next comeback?

TXT idols put on a challenging show with “The Chaos Chapter” at the 2020 Melon Music Awards.

The K-Pop band used a few phrases and concepts for the show’s decor. MOA believes they are clues to their upcoming era and comeback with The Chaos Chapter. His?

TXT is one of the most popular bands in the world K-Pop, the agency’s boys group Big Hit Entertainment He surprised his fans with cool and interesting music that reflected his personality as an artist.

Recently, TXT presented the studio album ‘Episode 1: Blue Hour‘, advertised as’ Blue Hour’, the project received it from the international public, who put the CD in the best positions of the chats.

Apparently, Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun Y. Hueningkai They planned a new one come back‘MOA thinks the title of the new album will be’The Chaos Chapter‘and will represent a new era of idols.

The ‘CROWN’ cast had a special performance in Melon Music Awards 2020Singers and rappers flooded the award stage with fascinating energy and decorations traces about his musical return.

Everything about THE CHAOS CHAPTER, the next comeback of TXT?

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER fell in love with the audience of Melon Music Awards 2020 with his show the Idols They played their most famous songs like “PUMA”, “Blue Hour” and “We Lost The Summer”. The guys fell in love with the pendants with fun changes in appearance.

Some viewers were amazed at the possible spoiler that the band showed at the end of the performance where they performed a powerful choreography that looked impressive, accompanied by colored lights.

The stage was dark and the members appeared in black and white school dresses, which the camera focused on Yeonjun who opened a circle in the middle of her stomach and left an empty space on the big screen, one could read:

The Chaos Chapter

MOA took their social networks and commented Theories about the next come back from TXT, Internet users stated that it might be a new trilogy while others believed it might be the name of the next album of Idols.

Yesterday was the birthday of Soobin When the singer celebrated a new year with his bandmates, they prepared a special surprise for him, which showed all the affection they felt for him.

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