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“The Mentalist”: Park Si Hoo in the Remake of this successful series




"The Mentalist": Park Si Hoo in the Remake of this successful series

Park si hoo received an offer to play in Remake South Korean from The mentalist, tvN has revealed new stills from Kim Rae Won in LUCA: The beginning and Jang na ra and Jung Yong Hwa CNBLUEs have confirmed their participation in the drama Daebak real estate.

Park Si Hoo could become South Korean Patrick Jane Remake of The mentalist.

An official representative of HOO Factory, the agency of Park Si Hoo, has confirmed that the actor has received a proposal to star in this new drama: “Park Si Hoo has received an offer and is investigating his appearance in the Remake from the American series The mentalist».

According to the information released so far, Park Si Hoo would play the main character, nicknamed The Mentalist, in the drama. The American version of the series focuses on the life of Patrick Jane, played by Simon Baker. Patrick Jane is an independent advisor to the California Bureau of Investigation who uses his observational skills and false psychological abilities to solve murder cases.

The South Korean Remake from The mentalist It is directed by Pyo Min Soo, although it has not yet been decided which network will air the drama or what date it will air.

On the other hand, tvN has revealed the first pictures of Kim Rae Won that give life to the protagonist of LUCA: The beginning, your next action fantasy suspense drama.

The series is inspired by Charles Darwin’s suggestion that humans today have a last common ancestor, known by the acronym LUCA.

The drama revolves around the life of Ji Oh, played by Kim Rae Won, a man who seems to have no emotions, who is hiding a dark secret and who does not know his identity. Hee oh To attempt Find out who is and the ability of his special power and his mysterious men begin to haunt him. Whiles flees to save his life meets with the detective from HMurders of Goo Reum, played by Lee Da Hee.

In the images that were revealed, we watch Ji Oh’s daily life appear, run away, hurt, and fight. Loneliness and defeat are reflected in his eyes, showing that he is exhausted from constantly struggling to find out the truth about his existence and power.

Kim Rae Won, who explores various genres in television projects, has reported on her involvement in LUCA: The beginning: “I took part without hesitation because I would be working with director Kim Hong Sun and screenwriter Chun Sung Il. It’s a new challenge for me and it’s meaningful because it’s a genre I’m doing for the first time. I look forward to seeing how the audience will react.

"The Mentalist": Park Si Hoo in the Remake of this successful series

"The Mentalist": Park Si Hoo in the Remake of this successful series

Also, Kim Rae Won said of her character in the drama, “I talked a lot with the director, trying to find out more about my character, Ji Oh. It wasn’t an easy task and I still don’t know who is Ji Oh but I think that makes the drama more exciting”.

On the flip side, CNBLUE’s Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa have confirmed that they will be starring Daebak real estate, a new KBS2 drama.

The plot of Daebak real estate, also known as Great real estate, revolves around the story of real estate agents “cleaning up” real estate to get rid of ghosts and evil beings.

Jang Na Ra is transformed into drama as Hong Ji Ah, an indescribable and charismatic real estate agent who runs Daebak real estate agency, the drama of which hides a skilled exorcist who inherited her skills from her mother.

Jung Yong Hwa in performing Daebak real estate Oh In Beom, a cheater Who doesn’t believe in ghosts and who uses exorcisms to get money from people. Despite his lifestyle, he is a quick thinker with excellent observation and logic skills.

The production team said about the drama: «Daebak real estate is a unique drama about exorcism that reflects the different desires of people and the conflicts that arise when they struggle for their property. Look forward to the drama that will relieve your stress in the first half of the year.

Daebak real estate It was written by Ha Soo Jin, Lee Young Hwa, and Jung Yeon Seo and is directed by Park Jin Suk.

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