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“The Uncanny Counter” viewers choose the best scenes




The viewers of OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter” revealed their favorite scenes from Jo byeong gyu, Yoo Joo Sang, Kim Sejeong, and Yeom Hye ran!

For Jo Byeong Gyu, So Moon’s First Step in Episode 2 and his first Summoning of Yung’s Territory in Episode 4 were selected as his best scenes.

In “The Uncanny Counter” Episode 2, So Moon was able to run for the first time in seven years since his car accident thanks to Choo Mae Ok’s healing abilities. So Moon aroused sympathy for the triumphant face he made the moment he managed to take just one step forward, drenched in sweat from the exertion.

"The Uncanny Counter" viewers choose the best scenes

Episode 4 showed So Moon exploding with rage when his friends Joo Yeon (Lee Ji Won) and Woong Min (Kim Eun Soo) were kidnapped by bullies. The aurora-colored Yung’s Territory that rose up around him brought the onlookers chills.

Yoo Joon Sang, who plays the role of Ga Mo Tak, impressed viewers throughout episode 12.

His girlfriend Kim Jung Young (Choi Yoon Young) died when he belatedly confessed to her, and he exclaimed his grief in the emergency room at the heartbreaking scene.

"The Uncanny Counter" viewers choose the best scenes

Meanwhile, he also performed comedic acting in the part where he disguised himself as an insurance company employee to pocket Shin Myung Hwi’s (Choi Kwang Il) campaign fund.

For Kim Sejeong’s character Do Ha Na, the audience in episode 5 chose her intense elevator fight scene with the evil spirit Baek Hyang Hee (Ok Ja Yeon). Also impressive was the scene in episode 8 where viewing fried eggs reminded her of the happy memories she shared with her younger sister and made her cry with guilt that she survived alone.

"The Uncanny Counter" viewers choose the best scenes

Lastly, viewers shared that their favorite scenes were from Yeom Hye Ran So Moon’s healing scene in Episode 9 and her holding hands with Su Ho (Lee Chan Hyung) in Episode 11.

In episode 9, Choo Mae healed Ok So Moon even though her life was in danger. As a result of So Moon’s rescue, her black hair turned white.

"The Uncanny Counter" viewers choose the best scenes

In episode 11, Choo Mae Ok said to her son Su Ho, unconscious, “Hold your mother’s hand. Let’s never let go of each other’s hands, ”sounded determined not to let what happened seven years ago happen again. When the two came to, many spectators were moved to tears.

The producers of “The Uncanny Counter” said, “We are once again grateful to the actors for bringing their characters to life perfectly. We cannot imagine So Moon without Jo Byeong Gyu, Ga Mo Tak without Yoo Joon Sang, Do Ha Na without Kim Sejeong, and Choo Mae Ok without Yeom Hye Ran. Do not miss the great drama of the actors, which will impress until the end. ”

“The Uncanny Counter” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm KST.

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