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This is how TWICE’s idols look without makeup




This is how TWICE's idols look without makeup

A natural look is always irresistible, which is why the TWICE girls in the JYP Entertainment group are known for their visual strength in K-pop.

Music groups always try to show us the best of themselves on stage, to make the most of their years of training, practice hours, and the effort put into a new album, but even when we see that Idols from TWICE in their everyday life they manage to look beautiful.

The look they wear to airports, live broadcasts or preparing for a new comeback continues to surprise us, not only because of their style of dress, but also because of their good looks. without make up.

Do you think these girls’ facial features are changing drastically? The reality is that they all manage to shine with one style Naturally and the fans appreciate that Idols have the confidence to show this facet of your daily life.

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How do the TWICE members look without make-up?


This girl looks great without a trace of form, retains its adorable appearance and has managed to conquer that ONCES who don’t hesitate to compliment their looks. Nayeon usually shows his face free from cosmetics during some live broadcasts and some airport visits.


The main dancer of TWICE also has strong visual power, she tries to keep her lips hydrated and with a touch of color, but even if the rest of her face stays without make up She still looks good.


This idol experimented with different hair tones, but no matter what color her hair lightened, her look without make up He manages to fascinate his followers, who recognized his qualities and the beautiful facial features.


The japanese idol 23-year-old has shown his looks without make up when traveling with their group members, but fans of it idol They do not hesitate to show the girl’s beauty regardless of her style.


The leader has sometimes been criticized for her looks, but this girl manages to show every concept next to her TWICE his face too without make up It is identical to the way she looks in the main presentations and shows that this girl has qualities when something is left.


The idol born in Texas has a pure image that goes with natural makeup, even when it comes to big presentations Mine maintains a delicate and simple style that suits her perfectly, that’s why she looks like this without make up It’s so familiar that the singer doesn’t change drastically.


The rapper conquered large numbers of people even before they became idol Hence, her makeup-free image is known for keeping its great looks. She took part in the Real Man Show and even the soldiers in charge were amazed at how she looked without make up and they asked him if he had really removed it from his face.


This girl was selected by Jihyo as the member who looks best without make up because, according to the guide, Chaeyoung She looks just as beautiful regardless of the fact that she didn’t put cosmetics on her face.


The Maknae from TWICE distinguishes itself by being one of the members with the greatest visual strength and style without make up It is clear evidence of this well-deserved title, the idol always receives compliments for showing her face naturally.

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