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Top 7 Got7 events




Top 7 Got7 events

For the past seven years Got7 was actively connected to the I GOT7 fandom (Ahgase for short) through music, variety shows, live broadcasts and social media interactions. They have used their body and soul to perform at their best so far, as well as their enormous achievements.

Although the members unanimously agreed not to renew their contracts after seven years with JYP Entertainment, that does not mean that this is the end. When K-pop has taught us something, the bond that group members share goes beyond their contracts and group activities. To commemorate the journey of Got7, here is just a small selection of many OT7 events that we will never forget.

Top 7 Got7 events

1. The one with the ghost trick

In this episode, it got real for Got7. Members gathered to work on the cover of their reality show DVD, but their staff had something else planned. The following 20 minutes are a mixture of pure entertainment, teasing and – of course – horror. See for yourself!

2. The one with the meat incident

This lovely OT7 dinner has a funny story: a barbecue debt between Jackson and Jinyoung was finally resolved after he was (jokingly) petty about it for years. Once the other members join in, the result is as fun as it is adorable!

3. The one where Got7 members were Got7

That’s Got7 in a nutshell: music, dance, games, laughter and pure silliness. In this unreleased excerpt from “Hard Carry” the members are the epitome of chaos, much to the delight of the audience.

4. The one with the first wins

An artist never forgets his first win and Got7’s bag is full of trophies. From her very first music program win with “If You Do” on “The Show”, her tearful first “M Countdown” win with “Fly” to her first Daesang for the performance of the year with “You Calling My Name” with the Asia Artist Awards, the group has had a successful career.

5. The one with the MV homage “Miracle”

Fans mean everything to Got7 and make sure they convey that feeling at every opportunity. For example, this beautiful ballad is dedicated to Ahgase and how the members consider it a miracle to meet her.

The music video is breathtaking and always emotional:

6. The one with the dominance of Twitter

In 2017, Got7 was the second most used hashtag and fourth most used keyword on Twitter. Then she became the third most popular K-pop artist on Twitter in 2018 and 2019, and the fifth in 2020.

7. The one with the royal achievement

Got7 had their last group performance before their contracts at the 35th Golden Disk Awards expired, and it really was an unforgettable leg! A riveting intro was followed by an ethereal rendition of “NOT BY THE MOON” before the members closed with “Breath”. Talk about a royal achievement!

BONUS: The one with the new beginning (# GOT7FOREVER)

The members celebrated theirs seventh debut anniversary on January 16. Although the conclusion of her contracts marks the end of an era for Got7 as a group under JYP Entertainment. Members now own their group’s intellectual property. This means that it is only a matter of time before you see the seven members again.

Ahgase, let us know your favorite Got7 events in our Facebook page or Twitter account!

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