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TWICE it becomes a 10 million seller group and ONCE it celebrates




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TWICE is one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop. Recently JYP reported that their customers had sold more than 10 million copies of the album ‘The Story Begins’.

Every comeback of TWICE surpasses the previous one, the singers and rappers have reaffirmed their place in the music scene with the recognitions they received in 2020 and will prepare more surprises ELEVEN.

The group of 9 debuted with great success in 2015 and placed the single ‘Like OHH AHH“In the best places on the charts and the record material”The story begins’ It was positioned as one of the most popular of the year.

Now, JYP Entertainment He reported that TWICE became a group Millions of sellers, the interpreters of ‘FANCY ‘ They managed to more than sell 10 million accumulated copies, from their first album to ‘Eyes Wide Open’, released October 26th, 2020.

TWICE career successes

Some figures speculated about it TWICE managed to sell more than 5 million Albums in South Korea, while in Japan With more than 4 million records, the two markets surpassed the 10 million copies.

All the projects that make up the career of TWICE has reached the top in both charts Gaon Album and single, TWICE They reflected their fame in Japan and headed the important table of Oricon. OH MY GOD!

The Idols were part of the girl band group with the most entries in the Top 100 2010-2019 Decade table. Cantaloup melon with 4 songs: ‘Cher Up‘,’TT, ”OOH-AHH‘ and ‘Dance the night away‘ Tracks belonging to different record materials. Another achievement added to his list of records.

Fans made their own accounts, announcing the group had received 112 Wins in music programs and in their career, they are 16 Daesangs.

ELEVEN met on social networks to celebrate the artists’ new brands with the mention TWICE 10 MILLION SELLERS which quickly became one of the trending topics of the day on various online platforms.

The idols of TWICE will proceed with the promotions of ‘Eyes wide open’ and recently they were featured on the show The late show under the direction of Stephen Colbert It was the first time the girls group appeared on American television.

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