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V reveals his secrets to a perfect physique




V reveals his secrets to a perfect physique

BTSs V reveals the secret of a perfect body, its condition allows it great strength, but not everything is exercise or diet based.

The idol of Big hit disclosed in the group’s official report a number of unpublished photos that he took during the production of “BE”. The images went viral this Sunday morning. ARMY shared various messages of support and praise for Taehyung, especially for one pose especially that he appeared in front of the camera.

After sharing the Photo shoot, V. decided to interact with ARMY via Weverse, the platform on which updates and messages are exchanged. The singer of “Singularity” received a lot of comments about his role as a professional model, not only because of his incredible outfits, but also because of his great body. V dhe was great Ability to be flexible and balanced.

The state of Idols develops thanks to her time as a trainee, her exercise routines and training for any choreography, but in addition to dieting or a visit to the gym, it seems that the Strength from V. comes from somewhere else and decided to share it with ARMY Secrets What do you use to stay strong?

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In the photos you shared Taehyung was photographed in black and white with a Outfit It consisted of a raincoat, ankle boots, a shirt, and black pants, but what it looked like was not what caught the eye, it was that pose in front of the camera: he was upside down, on his back and with his legs perfectly extended.

Keeping your balance and bearing the weight of your body is not easy. A fan asked him how he did it and V. explained that he took one first Protein shake, advised that they are doing this for better performance. ARMY he joked about it too the strength of a tiger, Animal representing him on social networks, but the singer made it clear that it was his fans who helped him.

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Without a doubt, it’s the support of his army that drives him to be the best that photography He became one of the favorites of the fandom because not only does he look attractive, but he also shows his great talent and skills. Have you already tried to recreate his pose?

The idol of Bts starred in a behind-the-scenes photoshoot for “BE” and thanks to it was positioned in the first trends of Twitter as a talent model.

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