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What would the BTS guys be like if they were drama actors?




What would the BTS guys be like if they were drama actors?

What would BTS dramas and characters look like if they were Korean actors? Discover the traits each member would have on the small screen.

The Korean entertainment not only covers that K-pop, also famous K-dramas, Series with very peculiar and original plots that managed to capture several fans. The actor They have the same status and fame as idols, have millionaire contracts, and make big bucks per episode. V already made his debut as an actor, but his companions would be ideal for various stories.

Jin has also shown interest in acting, Suga has his alter ego “Agust D” and Bts has different Personalities that certainly makes them unique characters Y. Types of dramas, from the popular boy, the boy who has been bullied, the CEO, an heir, the athlete and others. The way you are makes you ideal actor for the Korean series.

Explore with this list What a drama and ideal character BTS would have if they were actors though the boys will have their own Drama inspired by his musical universe, They have achieved great success with their votes, but ARMY dreams of one day seeing her on the screen in addition to her films.

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The rapper would be perfect for Horror, mystery and action dramas, his mature personality and great sensitivity to emotions would make him character Ideal of a mysterious boy with a secret, a bad guy or one who, despite a painful past, has managed to move forward and gradually tear down his walls when he meets the protagonist. The rebellious and sexy boy would be ideal for him.


The Romantic, school, epoch and tragedy dramas would be perfect for Taehyung. He already made his debut as actor to the “Hwarang” and captured the same director of the series. V. could play a noble warrior, a romantic boy, clueless and chivalrous. His way of being would make him too character that would make us cry with his story.


His personality makes him the perfect man for Comedy, Sports, and School Dramas. The idol has expressed a desire to act and even studied this field when he was a student. It could be the typical rebellious heir, the protagonist’s best friend, or the shy and fun student.


Jimin would be the heartbreaker of the School romance drama. it is character He would be the most popular, the best athlete, the best in his class from a wealthy and reserved family. Despite the fact that many might consider him a cold protagonist, he is interested in finding green love and making his dreams come true.


The Maknae would be perfect for Medical, school, sports and tragedy dramas. You could play against guys who have suffered in the past but they will show that they are capable of realizing their dreams and becoming a successful CEO or someone famous. He would be reserved, joking, romantic and a little bit rebellious.


The leader of Bts distinguishes himself by being a smart boy, so it would be the character As a popular protagonist, the best in his class and a heartbreaker. Could be a Actors of school and youth dramas, also interpreted by romance where it becomes a successful CEO. His genres would be drama, comedy, and romance.


His personality is loving and funny, J-Hope It could be him actor perfect for Comedy, school and love dramas, even of tragedy. i could play characters lonely, loyal, best friends, top of the class or the guy who steps out of his comfort zone and switches from the nerdy boy to the cool boy.

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