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Which BTS song will define your 2021?




Which BTS song will define your 2021?

The BTS boys have a wide repertoire of songs that bring a lot of energy to ARMY. One of the songs of the singers and rappers will define your fate in 2021. Which track will it be?

BTS is one of the South Korean groups that had the most activities, releases and surprises for ARMY during 2020 and apparently, 2021 will also be an iconic season for the idols.

One of the keys to the global success of Bangtan Boys are the messages of their songs, which address different themes such as self-love, self-esteem, hope and security, important elements for the development of a person.

The year 2021 has already begun and ARMY is excited to know the projects that the members of the K-pop band are preparing, while the boys are planning and preparing the last details of their releases, why don’t you find out which Bangtan Sonyeondan song will define your year?

In this fun quiz you’ll find out what your 2021 will be like and the BTS tune that will reflect this new stage, full of challenges and new activities. Maybe ‘Boy With Love’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘ON’ or ‘Wings’ have the words for you.


Your personality is that of a girl…

Relaxed and shy (2)
Unique and confident (4)
Sentimental and determined (6)
Fun and optimistic (8)

What aspect of your personality would you like to change during 2021?

Your attitude (4)
A feature of your appearance (6)
Your way of thinking (8)
The way you handle your emotions and feelings (2)

In 2021 you hope it will be…

A new opportunity to carry out projects (8)
A time of new challenges (4)
A time to succeed (2)
A year full of love and affection (8)

BTS music is important for your 2021 because…

They always bring a smile to your face (4)
Their songs get you dancing and help you get rid of stress (8)
They are your role models (6)
It’s hopeful music with happy messages (2)

How would you define your musical tastes?

Varied (2)
You only listen to 1 or 2 genres (6)
Your playlist is full of K-pop songs (8)
You only listen to BTS songs (4)

One of your goals for 2021 is…

Finish high school (6)
Pass the school year with good grades (2)
Find a job (8)
Change my level of education (4)

What BTS activity are you most looking forward to this year?

Comeback (8)
New merch (2)
A collaboration (6)
Online concert (4)


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From 14 to 25 points

During the year, you will be the kind of girl who will not stop in the face of obstacles or sad experiences, on the contrary, you will use those bad moments as inspiration, to become stronger and more successful. The BTS song that would define your 2021 100 percent will be ‘Wings’.

From 26 to 37 points

Your personality during 2021 will be very fun, colorful and youthful, you will go through life with optimistic eyes and the good deeds you do will lead you to shine with your own energy. The BTS song that will reflect your year will be ‘Dynamite’, you will be surrounded by love and success.

From 38 to 49 points

The type of temperament that will define you in 2021 will be that of a strong, determined girl and perhaps others will perceive you as someone rebellious, but, on the contrary, you will just live the way you want to. The BTS theme that will define your year is ‘ON’, you will not be afraid to reveal your true feelings.

From 50 to 56 points

Your 2021 will be full of good energy, new projects, lots of love from your family, friends and maybe love will come to you in the least expected way. omg! Bangtan Sonyeondan’s fun song that will reflect your year is ‘Boy With Luv’.

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