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Which K-pop idol would be your best friend based on your zodiac sign?




Which K-pop idol would be your best friend based on your zodiac sign?

Your outlook on life, personality, and charisma could be closely related to a female K-pop idol. A big star of this musical phenomenon could be your best friend.

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac have different characteristics Y. Trains that makes them diverse, it is said that everyone star It is dominated by an element that defines its nature and expression.

Aries, bull, Twins, cancer, lion, Virgin, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarium Y. fishes to have Strengthen, defects and ways of plot that may or may not be compatible with others star sign.

Many believe that star sign I know the same repel but it is not so in all cases, you may know more than one person with whom you share a date of birth or are ruled by the same character and they get along wonderfully.

This time you will discover with me What a female idol of K-pop Would you have a connection snapshot according to your star sign. Find out what Singer, dancer or rapper of pop You would be korean best friend.

This K-pop idol would be your best friend:


Your best friend would Lisa from BLACKPINK, the idol of YG entertainment company and they have many things in common, their characters are very similar and their energy would flow wonderfully.


Chaeyoung from TWICE and you next to sharing star sign are reliable people who know the immense value of Friendship, the idol would have you on their list best friends.


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Hyewon is a idol extremely talented that member from the group IZ * ZONE is the star of K-pop with whom you would cultivate one Friendship solid and amazing, they are both smart and adventurous.


The idol of Korean pop with whom would they be Friendship would be unique Hwasa, the member of MAMAMOO and you have one strong personalitythey would understand each other in every way.


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Joy from red velvet would you be best friend, the singer of SM entertainment He has a charisma like yours so his connection would be very strong.


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Yuqui is a idol characterized by his voice and his big smile that Singer from (G)-IDLE is the Artists indicated who you would wear one with Friendship adorable.


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Your best k-pop friend belongs to a famous group of JYP Entertainment, Momo from TWICE I would accompany you on your happy days and consider it one of yours best friends.


You are a very cheerful person who infects everyone around you with a good mood. female idol what would you be best k-pop friend is Vivi from LOONA.


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Jisoo from BLACKPINK would you be best friend, the Singer of K-pop She is a girl with a big smile and with her sense of humor she would make your days less difficult.


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The idol what would you be best friend is Wendy the singer of red velvet She is a girl with whom you would develop a very good relationship, full of respect and a lot of admiration.

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