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YG Entertainment postpones release of BLACKPINK’s reality show episode after concerns about contact with Panda





The last episode of BLACKPINK The reality show “24/365 with BLACKPINK” is interrupted.

On November 4th, a teaser for the last episode of “24/365 with BLACKPINK” was uploaded. In the video, members were shown touching a panda with their bare hands. Pandas are China’s national treasure, and many Chinese were upset with the scene, stating that pandas are animals that require special care.

YG Entertainment postpones release of BLACKPINK's reality show episode after concerns about contact with Panda

The China Wildlife Conservation Association sent a letter to Everland, the theme park where the panda is cared for, urging them to stop bringing laypersons into contact with the baby panda and show such scenes in shows.

In response to the raised concerns, YG Entertainment released the following statement:


It was decided to postpone the last episode of BLACKPINK’s “24/365 with BLACKPINK”, which is due to be uploaded today on November 7th (Saturday).

THE GIRLS experience as a panda keeper in Everland was with professional veterinarians and zookeepers, and strict guidelines for disease prevention and hygiene were followed.

When GIRLS met the baby panda, all members wore hygienic gloves, masks and protective clothing, and their hands and shoes were disinfected at each change of scene.

In order to respect the recommendation of panda conservationists who stated that “lay people who come into contact with a baby panda can cause misunderstandings in another dimension” and to follow the convention of international cooperation, we decided to use the Premiere of postponing the video.

We thank everyone who has voiced their concern and ask for your unchanged love and interest in BLACKPINK and the panda.

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