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“You Would Never Know”: New posters revealed




JTBC’s upcoming drama “You Would Never Know” (formerly known as “Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick”) has officially set its premiere!

An adaptation of the popular web novel “She Would Never Know” tells the love story of the perfectionist Yoon Song Ah (played by Jin won ah) and her dashing younger colleague Chae Hyun Seung (played by Rowoon) who works with her on the marketing team of a cosmetics brand.

On December 10th, JTBC announced that the highly anticipated drama would premiere on January 18th – and released new posters of its four main characters.

In her character poster, Won Jin Ah looks confident and balanced like the professional Yoon Song Ah. The palpable breeze blowing through her hair suggests that she has just turned to look at someone who is calling for her.

"You Would Never Know": New posters revealed

That person who calls out for Yoon Song Ah could very well be Chae Hyun Seung, whose warm, gentle gaze is on one person and one person alone.

"You Would Never Know": New posters revealed"You Would Never Know": New posters revealed

Meanwhile, Lee Hyun Wook exudes a more seasoned charisma than the highly ambitious marketing team director Lee Jae Shin, who climbed the corporate ladder with nothing but wit and intense pursuit of success.

"You Would Never Know": New posters revealed

Finally, Lee Joo Bin looks like the fashionable Lee Hyo Joo, granddaughter of the cosmetics company’s founder and a rising star in the world of photography. Although she seems frosty and distant on the outside, Lee Hyo Joo is secretly lonely on the inside and becomes entangled in Yoon Song Ah, Chae Hyun Seung and Lee Jae Shin in unexpected ways.

"You Would Never Know": New posters revealed

“You Would Never Know” will air on January 18, 2021 after the completion of JTBCs “Live on. ”

In the meantime, check out “Live On” with English subtitles!

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