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10 idols who would make the best horror movie when seeing friends




10 idols who would make the best horror movie when seeing friends

Horror films have a lot in common: creepy storylines, suspense, jumpscares, plot changes, dark music, impending death … Watching these types of films alone is sometimes not the best decision, which is why society is pretty much preferred. The best person to enjoy these thrillers with is a scared cat who isn’t afraid to scream its lungs out on the most intense scenes, which makes the entire experience all the more entertaining!

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Does that ring any bells? Many idols are a perfect fit for this profile, and they have gone through enough pranks to prove that their fear is not too great. Here are some easily scared idols who would make it super fun to watch horror movies together!

1. WINNER‘s Song Mino

While Song Mino is a wild rapper on stage, that ferocity subsides when he gets into scary situations. Sometimes a little trick is enough to catch him off guard and terrify and panic: Enter jumpscares.

2. TWICE momo

Momo is not only the best candidate for horror films, but also a decent prank victim. Bonus: Even when scared to the bone, she still shows her cuteness.

3. Got7‘s Jackson

Everyone agrees that Jackson is a living meme. So you can imagine how much fun his reactions would be in a scary environment. Maybe you can invite him to watch an insect-based thriller? I bet it will give him the chills!

4. BLACKPINK‘s Jennie

Another idol who is a fierce performer but a tender soul when it comes to scary situations is Jennie. Her level of horror is very high as she could possibly cry if the watch is too much to handle. So don’t expect her to be able to handle direct terror!

5. MONSTA X Joohoney

Seriously, what about rappers who scare easily? Joohoney can find himself in the middle of a fiery rap fight and he could just lose it if something or someone sneaks behind him. Probably best for watching serial killer films!

6. red velvet‘s Irene

Irene is your first companion for all horror, if only for her golden facial expressions. Plus, it seems that literally anything can trigger them, so crazy about your horror theme choice!

7. Bts‘s Jin

If you are looking for scared jin GIFs, the results are just mind blowing. Jin is the MVP you need for your horror binge watching, entertainment guaranteed. It offers many variations: loud screams, sudden nervousness and the most memorable faces.

8. EXIDs Hani

Jin’s greatest competition is none other than Hani. Her extravagant mind goes all the way, even if she’s surprised, petted, or downright shaky. Most importantly, she’s very vocal because she’s scared and you will hear about it throughout the movie.

9. EXO Chanyeol

Chanyeol is usually very calm, so you would find it strange that he would cause funny reactions to a horror movie night … but have you seen him react to a stage effect? Trust me, the more it happens, the funnier it gets. Do you have any suggestions for horror movies with explosions?

10. Kang Daniel

Given how he reacts to any possible mistake on planet earth, Daniel can be classified as someone who could easily be frightened by his own shadow. It looks like haunting stories are a good start for you to piss him off a bit!

What idol would you want as a horror movie buddy? Let us know in our facebook and twitter pages.

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