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12 Curiosities About BLACKPINK’s Jisoo That Will Make You Love Her




12 Curiosities About Jisoo That Will Make You Love Her

Learn more about Jisoo and discover some traits of her personality that will show you how charming she is off-stage too.

BLACKPINK is one of the most famous groups in the world of K-pop these days. The 4 members have personalities who have captured the audience but learned more about it Jisoo will make you love this idol We’ll tell you a few Curiosities about his history and his way of being.

Jisoo Born on January 3, 1995, he experimented with different facets of the arts while discovering what his dream was. Like any good Capricorn She is disciplined and hardworking, but perfectly balances responsibility with her unique sense of humor and calm character.

Kim Ji Soo He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and there he would find his passion for music and learn more about it Singer with something Data about his life.

What you should know about BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

  • Jisoo She is 1.62 m tall, making it the shortest member BLACKPINK.
  • She received an invitation to audition at the agency SM Entertainment, however, declined the offer as it was already part of at this point YG.
  • The first time she took dance and singing lessons was after she joined YG EntertainmentWhen she became an apprentice, she had to take many courses to familiarize herself with both techniques and perfect her performance.
  • Before joining this company Jisoo was in a theater club. When he became an apprentice he was able to take advantage of his interest in the field by making a few cameos K-dramas, act in music videos and even in commercials. Soon Jisoo will play in the series Snordrop.
  • Is idol is the member of BLACKPINK Who cries the least, the group’s concerts can make other girls emotional, however Jisoo He’s the one comforting her.
  • She adopted a pet named Kim Dalgom, a small white Maltese dog.
  • Jisoo She is one of the ambassadors for the Dior brand who gave her confidence in her image and fashion style.
  • He has a surprising opportunity to improvise songs according to the moment he lives in.
  • He loves reading manga, so he has a lot of them.
  • She is the member of BLACKPINK with less experience speaking English, however Jennie affirms that it’s not because he doesn’t understand, but because he’s sorry to speak.
  • She likes to balance things on her head and shoulders, so she has been caught placing cards or water bottles while trying to find balance.
  • In the documentation of Illuminate the sky, Jisoo revealed that her family teased her about her physique during her childhood, but now she stands out as a visual element within the body K-pop and work with different brands like your image.

We told you about a few recently Hairstyles What Jisoo used and that will motivate you to renew your image.

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