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12 TWICE phrases that will brighten your saddest day




12 TWICE phrases that will brighten your saddest day

TWICE has the best song phrases to liven up your day. Discover the songs that will help you improve your everyday life.

The K-pop group by JYP is thanks to its various hits such as “Likey”, “Feel Special”, “Fancy”, among other. Their songs are always a success because once you hear them you don’t stop singing or dancing, but not everything is dance and catchy beats. The girls also captured various emotions that we all experience.

When you’ve had a bad day TWICE is the solution for you who K-pop group has a large collection of Songs This can be catharsis for you, every time you hear it you can use that Sentences of his songs to remind you of something or to post it on your social networks to have a more comfortable routine.

The music It is a therapy that allows us to explore our emotions as often the voices of artists say what we dare not say or what we need to hear in order to feel better. TWICE tHe has the best advice to you through his Songs, discover with this list 12 letters that will cheer you up all day.

The girls have had some bad times too but managed to get by with the support of TWICE and used them music as the perfect medium to vent your emotions. The girls from TWICE has become one of the most popular K-pop girls’ groups in the world.


Taking a break from love is always difficult, but music is also therapy that acts as catharsis to let out our emotions, bad things happen, and your heart gets stronger when you need a way to encourage yourself to be honest with this person this song for you

“The darkness came when you left and I realized that I need you…”

The Self love This is one of the captured messages TWICE In his songs he has beautiful lyrics that remind you how much you are worth and that no matter what others say, you are beautiful inside and outside.

“Whatever you wear, it’s beautiful … In the mirror we’re doing a fashion show”

It is one of the Songs special from TWICE, they dedicated it ONCE and its lyrics reflect the importance their fans have for them. Yes, if you want to remind yourself of how much you are worth or want to lift your spirits, this phrase is for you.

“There’s no point in getting angry. When things ruin your mood, when things don’t go as planned …”

It was one of their first achievements, love is complicated, but if you want to be true to yourself it is important to remember that no matter how much you like a person, you are the most important thing. Sometimes the best things take time.

“I will be your love, but show me your sincerity, I will wait for you…”

Another of his Love songs, TWICE has the best sentence So you don’t get depressed if love hasn’t entered your life or if your crush doesn’t suit you … There is always someone for us who knows how to appreciate us, but true love comes alone.

“I’m waiting for someone to make me feel like I’ve never felt before.”

Self love is most important, when you are feeling lonely or sad this song will help you feel better because TWICE She dedicates it to herself during the MV. Remember that you are valuable and important. Be your role model.

“I don’t turn anyone into someone and I become a very special version of myself.”

It is another of his accomplishments, sometimes it is scary to take the first step or to trust someone but it is important to be brave and to open our hearts. No one is free from a broken heart, but you will never find true happiness if you don’t take chances.

“It’s dangerous, you’re like a rose with thorns, but nothing happens, I’m not afraid.”

In our dreams it’s just the two of us. If you’ve had a bad day, listen TWICE before going to bed and remembering that things can get better at times, but it also helps to relax and disconnect from reality for a while.

“Baby, think of me all night, we’re together right now … in our dreams it’s just the two of us.”

Even though it is a love song, you can apply this song from TWICE In your day-to-day life, suggest something you want to remember, a new habit you couldn’t keep, or a reminder of how much you are worth when something goes wrong.

“Three times a day, only three, is it that difficult? … Three times a day, only three”

Sometimes it is important to realize that things shouldn’t be left for later or you might regret it, especially in relationships, even in the dreams you want to carry out in life, it is never too late for anything that is the worst fight the one who is not tried.

“Wait so long while you frustrated me so much that if you had arrived a little later you would have lost me.”

Confidence is the greatest strength you need to get ahead. A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. You just need to trust yourself more, have self-love and not give up.

“Take some colored pencils and draw on the canvas of your heart. Do not doubt yourself, no longer doubt it.”

Don’t let these emotions catch you.Sometimes we feel alone when we suffer something bad, but music can be therapy that helps and encourages us in these difficult moments. If you need advice or a friend this song is for you.

“Girls like us, like us, just run, girls like us are scared, don’t get caught up in these emotions.”

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