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15 K-pop voices that don’t need an autotune




15 K-pop voices that don't need an autotune

Each group has one or more singers, but the K-pop industry introduced us to the great talent and impressive K-pop voices of some idols that everyone would love to hear live.

These entertainment figures, besides being great dancers or composers, have a great strength in their voices, reach very high notes and keep their tune even when they are in the middle of a complicated choreography. of a complicated choreography.

Hear the voices of all of these K-pop artist It’s a gift that all fans enjoy, but when we see them perform live we find that their skills are even more amazing than we could ever imagine.

Here are some of the idols who have incredible and stable voices that do not need autotune to shine on stage.

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15 K-pop voices that don’t need an autotune

1. Wendy

The red velvet member has a melodious voice and a great power of interpretation, so she surprises us not only with her vocal abilities, but also with the emotions she transmits while singing.

2. Chen

Chen from EXO has an amazing vocal range, which together with his clear voice achieves an amazing result. That is why the idol gives incredible shows, even if his voice has no other musical accompaniment.

3. Lee Suhyun

The AKMU singer has an incredible voice that will undoubtedly conquer you. The most surprising thing is that she does an excellent job of handling her skills, as she achieves high notes with no difficulty.

4. Jungkook

The BTS Maknae is another idol who has fascinated the public with his relaxed voice that also has a sweet tone in it. Nobody can resist his singing style, which is why his acapella performances are so popular and requested by fans.

5. Doyoung

Doyoung from NCT is another idol of SM entertainment Who has a surprising vocal ability positioning him as one of the most powerful singers of his generation.

6. Jinhwa

The iKON singer of YG Entertainment has a melodic voice, that fits into the group perfectly, especially when it comes to ballads or songs with great emotional strength.

7. Youngjae

This GOT7 member showed his vocal potential from the start, allowing him to debut as an idol after just a few months of training.

8. Baekhyun

The Baekhyun voice fits perfectly with every style of music and in every one of its facets it surprises us as an artist because it combines his high notes with his melodious voice.

9. Young K

This Day6 idol has many talents, from composing songs to playing various musical instruments to his wonderful voice. This Singer has a wide vocal range that shines through every song, strikes high notes, but maintains a lush and melodic style.

10. JB

The GOT7 leader also has great vocal abilities and is characterized by his stable yet powerful tone. Fans love to listen to him and his acapella performances are always well received for his unique style.

11. Taeyeon

The SNSD singer is well Known for her talent in a group or alone, she is the owner of one of the most popular voices in the music industry. K-pop and all thanks to his vocal skills.

12. Ailee

Without doubt, she is one of the most powerful voices and one that has undoubtedly left its mark on the world of K-pop. She shows great strength in singing and has excellent handling of his voice.

13. Jamie

This girl has shown her talent since participating in a few survival shows, but to this day she continues to surprise us with how she experiments with new styles of music and her great vocal range.

14. Wheein

Definitely not one of the members of MAMAMOO needs autotune, but the voice of Wheein It has a very special touch that captured the fans.

15. Yuju

This list would not be complete without Yuju on it, the singer is popular for the high notes included in her songs and that always cause a great surprise in the public.

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