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15 male K-pop idols who look great with glasses




15 male K-pop idols who look great with glasses

Some K-pop idols show their versatility by wearing glasses and adding a different style to their faces. Take a look at the male singers and rappers who won over international fans with this accessory.

The K-pop idols are known for not being afraid of fashion, they wear colorful outfits, interestingly designed clothes and they dare to like unique accessories lenses.

The glasses Circles are very popular with singers and rappers in the music industry by South Korea, They are often caught by airport reporters’ cameras that look adorable lenses.

Lots male artist attracted public attention from all over the world by wearing glasses and demonstrate its huge visual. The lenses They are the perfect accessory to highlight facial features.

Next we will introduce you to the Idols of K-Pop that look great with glasses, their style will date your fan heart, you will not resist following them or putting any of them photos Wallpaper on your phone.

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15 male K-pop idols who look great with glasses


The member of EXO has worn lenses on several occasions he was caught with one at the airport appearance relaxed, accompanied by round glasses that give him an intellectual style Outfit.


Te BTS Singer became a trend within various social networks in Japan after using it lenses with gold frame in a presentation of the song ‘Stay Gold’.


The member of Bts has a cute look that increases as you attach accessories. The lenses let his beauty come out better and give him a touch of tender boy.


SEVENTEEN Rapper is considered one of the Idols most beautiful of the K-pop. Vernon Catch the heart of CARAT whenever he use glasses.


The MONSTA X member looks like a drama boy when he wears circular lenses, more when he pair them with a formal suit, a perfect mix for MONBABE.


When Jaehyung use lenses adopts a cute and well behaved boyish style, being a member of Day 6 has captivated the fans with her looks. Waht do you think?


Yeonjun has a face that makes it easy for him to make everything look good on him, even his glasses, the TXT member has modeled with these accessories more than once.


I.N is one of STAY’s spoiled members for his cuteness and cute style, the Stay Kids idol is able to look amazing with sunglasses or magnifying glasses.

Castle J

The MCND member use lenses Harry Potter-style circular for a costume party and this look did not go unnoticed by fans.


The talented member of New Culture Technology likes to wear glasses of different styles in his spare time or on trips with his bandmates.


Hyeongjun of CRAVITY has shown his love for eyeglasses on various occasions, the selfies of the idol prove their beauty with this accessory.


The EXO singer looks like a handsome boy when he’s wearing this glasses, the factions of the idol stand out and fall in love with the heart of EXO-L.

Mark Tuan

The GOT7 idol lights up the hearts of fans every time he wear lenses. The visual appearance of the singer is enhanced and his facial features become the focus of attention.


The minor member of Bangtan sonyeondan is a versatile artist who likes to change his style and hairstyle, but never leaves his glasses aside.


The ASTRO singer, star of the drama ‘True Beauty’ wears his glasses like a model, his experience in that area is more than evident. How does it look with glasses?

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