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4 Red Velvet Wendy’s Hairstyles That Are Perfect for you




4 Red Velvet Wendy's Hairstyles That Are Perfect For You

Wendy is the right sign that a person can reinvent themselves with a makeover that highlights their features. The Red Velvet singer could be a great inspiration to look different.

The idols of K-pop They usually change their appearance several times a year come back modify their appearance, style, hair, Outfits and hairstyles to offer their fans different facets. OH MY GOD!

Wendy is a girl with a noble and empathetic appearance, her personality is tender, she looks from hair became a benchmark for fans, by theirs debut He showed his versatility and talent.

The musical eras from red velvet have two styles and Wendy He combined very well with them, showed his mature, elegant side and also his most colorful, summery, youthful and freshest side. Which one did you like the most?

Would you like to renew your image with new look?, Wendy can be your inspiration to change your look, many followers took as reference to SM star to find its own style.

Red Velvet Wendy’s looks perfect for changing the look

Powerful Red

In the era of ‘One of those nights‘, Wendy surprised his fans with his hair The singer painted it deep red. You can choose a vivid color to create that look of idol.


In ‘happiness‘ the 4 members of red velvet painted the ends of their hair with a color that made them stand out, Wendy used blue, a shade that expresses your joy and gives your hair a unique shine.

Sassy Blonde

In ‘Psycho‘, she showed her beauty with blonde hair, a style that brought elegance and mysticism to his being. If you are a daring girl look is for you.

Funny Brown

Brown hair is a classic in hairstyles, and the idol took it to another level by styling it in the era of ‘two big space buns Russian roulette ‘.

The girls in the K-pop group have a flair for Fashion Incredible to dress like her: 5 looks inspired by red velvet and their styles.