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5 things we can expect from Rosé on her solo debut




5 things we can expect from Rosé on her solo debut

The BLACKPINK member will start a new stage in her music career, Rosé’s fans are looking forward to her new song and there are some things that we would like to see in this facet.

The group of YG Entertainment It is home to 4 talented girls, each with the right qualities to shine on stage. Of the debut Fans had wondered when these singers would have the opportunity to showcase their talents individually, and the moment has gradually come.

After the successful SOLO by Jennie Hopes rose to see each with their own musical releases, the voice of rose He will show his strength very soon and this time he will surprise everyone with his new song.

According to reports, this is talented Singer will record the music video for its tune very soon debut which means the start is very soon.

While we wait for the official release date to be announced, fans’ imaginations have already met their theories and expectations. We tell you what surprises the next release of might contain rose.

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5 things we can expect from Rosé on her solo debut


The melodious voice of rose He is able to transmit his emotions through his performances. Hence, it is likely that his debut will feature a song with a calm melody but great vocal power that will touch our hearts.

High Notes

The vocal skills of this member of BLACKPINK It’s surprising and shows up in every comeback. The top notes of rose can’t be missing from her next musical release and will show why she is a prominent singer in the music industry. K-pop.


Lots of artists from YG Entertainment have worked together throughout their careers and releasing new music from rose opens up the opportunity for another idol to join her with her voice if you want to see that Singer together with another star in your company?


When rose debuted as soloist We’ll surely see her showcase her theme song on music shows which means we’ll see her shine on stage. Will it be a powerful performance? A moving show? The possibilities are endless.


A new era in her musical career could also present us with a new facet of her clothing style. So far we’ve seen her sport fantastic looks that are coordinated with those of her companions and stick to one concept each time she comes back, but she just needs to capture her essence in a different shape that reflects the best of your style.

Recently rosé sent a present to Jisoo to surprise them on set snowdrop, an employee of this production revealed the story of this event.

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