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5 trends that JB from Got7 made shine




5 trends that JB from Got7 made shine
JB’s image changes stole AHGASE’s heart and gained new fans while watching Got7’s performances.

We tell you what are the best trends that this idol has worn with style.

If you are a fan of this group of JYP Entertainment You probably already know that there are some members who change theirs frequently lookSome decide to paint theirs hair With every comeback, others experiment with colorful accessories and some others prefer to stay true to their image. But in the case of Jaebeom, We see him constantly venturing out with details that change his appearance and are something other than the usual.

During his career this idol has shown that his beauty extends beyond the fashion he follows or implants as all of his diverse styles make him look radiant.

It is easy to identify the epochs of Got7 Thanks to looks of group members and though JB He almost always appears with his hair in dark tones, the changes in his image speak for themselves.

Here we tell you some of the elements that make up this Singer contributed to its appearance and made it glow charmingly.

The best JB looks with trends that AHGASE will never forget

Long hair

JB His hair grew alongside through several ages Got7, but it was with the premiere of DYE that he idol He wore his long hair that made him look even more charming. The idol painted his hair different colors, from pink, blonde, green and even blue, but for promotions at music shows.

Piercings and contact lenses

The idol doesn’t have tattoos, but he has a certain fascination with piercings. In addition to those in his ears, he pierced his nose, but a big moment came when the idol had an anti-eyebrow piercing that is on the top of his cheek, just below his eye. Sad Jaebeom He said he got bored easily and therefore stopped using it.

That same season we saw him wearing contacts and they were mostly red. He only used this item for one of his eyes, which led fans to liken it to a character from Naruto who is an anime from JB is a fan.

Short hair


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Formerly the Singer He sported an undercut style and showed how good he looks no matter how he comb his hair. He showed off where he combed his hair back, left it a bit wavy and even whistled it red, but they all did a fantastic mission in making it look great.



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Another haircut he did idol The mullet has had a special affection for him since the era of Eyes on you We’ve seen him wear this look several times before, but his style has changed over time. With the comeback of Got7, JB He was wearing his mullet again, this time with a longer length and a more pronounced undercut that can be seen depending on how he combs his hair.

Painted nails

We saw recently Jaebeom with her black painted fingernails, which certainly made the hearts of many of her fans beat faster. The Singer promotes Breath of Love: Last Piece next to Got7 and on the second music show they went to, he showed his hands in enamel.

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