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6 NCT Dream Songs That Should Be Part of Your Playlist




6 NCT Dream Songs That Should Be Part of Your Playlist

Would you like to learn more about the concept and musical style of NCT Dream?

Discover some songs by the K-pop boy band that will make your beautiful day more beautiful.

NCT dream is one of the Subunits from New culture technology, Has 7 members:: Chenle, Jaemin, Jeno, Renjun, Jisung, Mark Y. Haechan, the Singer Y. rapper of K-pop came on stage on August 24, 2016.

The Boy band of Companies talent SM entertainment Gradually with a fresh, colorful, fun and youthful style, they debuted and showed a more mature, powerful and energetic facet.

4 years have passed since the start of the music project, each of which brought different successes and was recognized as one of them Youth groups with more influence by doing social networks.

This time we bring you 6 Songs of NCT dream that should be yes or yes in yours Favorite songs, these recommendations They are there for you to enjoy the music of the 7 idols of Korean pop.

These NCT Dream songs cannot be missing from your favorite songs:

My first and last‘ is the song you should dedicate to your crush, the video is super fun, that Idols from NCT dream They show their love and admiration for their teacher.

STRONGER‘ is a powerful song with a different style for Singer and rapper from NCT dream This theme is perfect for getting up to dance for a good time.

This is a fun song, ideal for listening to the sounds of ‘La La Love‘ that can bring you to  nice summer day.

Candlelight‘is the song from NCT dream ideal If you want to feel true love and fill your heart with good feelings, the track belongs to a RAILWAY STATION from SM entertainment.

The members of NCT dream are artists who have experimented with different genres that Song ‘7 DAYS’ it has to be part of you Playlist because it’s a sweet and romantic tune.

Chewing gum‘ is the single Debut of NCT dream. Is a track that reflects the concept of the band, a group of people who want to have fun music.

Remember it 23 members the grouping New Culture technology are ready to make a new one come back with his Record materialRESONANCE PT. 2‘.

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