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7 times Bang Chan proved to be an admirable leader




7 times Bang Chan proved to be an admirable leader

Stray Kids has a member capable of leading the team and setting a good example, Bang Chan will captivate you with all its qualities

The boys and girls who become trainees to debut as K-pop stars must always face great challenges in their paths. But in the case of team leaders the responsibility increases, that’s why the history of Bang Chan together with SKZ has led us to admire it widely.

Not everything was easy, Bang Chan saw some of his teammates advance and others give up while he continued to work on his skills as an apprentice, but the experience he gained in the company helped him debut and guide others on the path of K-pop.

We tell you some moments of Bang chan with Stray Kids where this Australian born idol demonstrated his great potential as a leader.

The moments of Bang Chan leading the group that became unforgettable

The Qualities of Bang chan as a leader are present when the idol is reviewing the choreographies, advising others to improve and correct their mistakes. In addition to understanding his peers as a member of the group, he can also see the image from the outside, which is extremely favorable to them.

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The SKZ leader is able to recognize the success of others and celebrate it, but he also sees failures as opportunities for improvement in which he can collaborate and help others. When things don’t go the way he expects, he can’t help but feel responsible for it, which leads him to work harder.

Bang chan stays connected to the fans and always reminds them how grateful the group members are. He knows very well that success is only possible because they have the support of many people who value their work, so he does his best to make others feel good.

All Stray Kids members have described the great impact Bang chan has on the group and how he carries a lot of weight because of his responsibility, but he never complains or gives up.

In a live broadcast, Bang chan said that for him, being a leader is more than guiding others, for him it is extremely relevant to listen to everyone and make decisions taking into account the opinions around him so that the results are better and leave everyone satisfied.

He is a very loyal guy, a clear proof of that was seen when during the Stray Kids Felix Survival show he was eliminated, Bang chan told him that he would never leave him behind and that his partner should keep looking for him to keep tracing his path in the industry. Fortunately all the members of the group managed to make their debut, although we will never forget the words of their leader.

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