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7 times Jisoo has shown his love for BLACKPINK




7 times Jisoo has shown his love for BLACKPINK

Jisoo is one of the most protective and loving companions of K-pop and always shows her support to each of her colleagues in the most difficult and important moments.

The yg group of girls established themselves as one of the most popular in the industry, the dream of 4 girls merged and they managed to achieve great goals, from their training to the training they faced great, to increase their skills along with the daily To debut and perfect living together. Jisoo and the girls managed to develop a great one Friendship.

Although own Jisoo She confessed that what she suffered was often kept quiet so as not to torment others. She managed to move on despite going through her troubles on her own because she felt that people should remember her for her good times, not for being sad. Besides, she thinks so you have to be their own role model and don’t strive to be like someone else.

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it is strong and empathetic personality made it into best friend within BLACKPINK, Well it is very attentive and protective with Rosé, Jennie and Lisa, those who showed theirs support for one way or another, both in difficult moments as in the important onesbecause he knows that the voice and hand of a partner, sister and friend is always the best motivation you can get.

Throughout his career, he has shared several Moments with BLACKNPINK, from the tears, the successes and the Friendship they have 4. Jisoo is the best company you can ask for, we will leave you a list with 7 moments when the idol showed her love for the group and took care of them


Jennie solo

During the actions that you were doing Jennie only with”, Jisoo was responsible for surprising her, she went to the programs where she was doing promotions and had a very emotional moment by her side as she prepared stickers of both of them to stick on some drinks and personalize them is no doubt it always in the The most important moments of BLACKPINK.

Helping Rosé

In the first presentations of BLACKPINK The girls began to adapt to the rhythm of the work, but in one of the performances, rose was a victim of exhaustion and Jisoo He went to help her right away, without losing sight of her, to make sure nothing was wrong.

Lisa Film

During the recording of the vlog of Lisa Movie, a fan shared the story that Jisoo sent him a food truck to assist Lisa She recorded a dance cover with other dancers, the idol is always on the lookout for the projects of her teammates.

Take care

Whenever she can, she tries to take care of her companions, be it at events, awards, at the airport or in other moments, as she makes sure that their appearance is impeccable, removes confetti from their heads, corrects their hair, Removing eyelashes or making sure your wardrobe is in place.

Lisa letter

During the absence of Lisa when he recorded “Real Man 300” Jisoo decided to send her a very emotional letter It made her cry, reminded her it was the group’s vitamin, and gave her a photo of her personal memories. Jisoo He made sure she was motivated to keep going even though the challenge was difficult.


Jisoo She and her companions take care of every detail, even in one episode of her first show she was responsible for accommodating the girls’ hats in a kind of sauna. She made sure to house her hair and dress her uniform well so as not to ruin her hairstyles.


He always shows his love and support to the girls when he sees them, hugs them or pampers them, sometimes he knows in the presentations that they can get nervous or they are tired, so he squeezes their cheeks, caresses them and gives them some support.

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