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7 Wendy’s habits that show her happiness




7 Wendy's habits that show her happiness

Meet Wendy from Red Velvet and discover the secrets her personality holds. These habits are repetitive and part of their way of being.

The singer of K-pop group Thanks to her talent, SM has become one of the industry’s favorite singers. She recently released a new OST and took part in a collaboration with her label colleague Taemin. Before you start your dream as an idol, Wendy was recruited by Cube Entertainment, for which it was already known.

However, her fate led her to audition for SM worldwide, and she became an apprentice in 2012. She only had two years of training, since then she and her colleagues have become one of the most diverse groups. The native of Seongbuk-dong city has for nKorean ombre son Seung Wan and his nicknames include Olaf, Hamster, Wannie.

She can speak English perfectly because he has lived part of his life in Canada, his real name is Wendy and were born on February 21, 1994, she is 26 years old (27, Korean age) and is subject to the sign of Pisces, which she describes as a girl with artistic inspiration, compassionate, emotional, but also as someone who is difficult to be defined is because it is so unique that there are no exact qualifiers, but it has proven itself happy, loving and shy next to Red Velvert.

Over the course of his career, she has developed certain behaviors and customs that are part of him Personality, Find out what they are up to with this list 7 cute habits of Wendy. The girls from red velvet have several characteristics that make them the ideal friend for you.

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Soul of the party

Wendy has a lot of energy and is very happy. When it comes to challenges, dances or games, she always cheers for her classmates and joins the party and yells “wooo” or starts dancing and jumping. It’s one of the things that makes her a lovable girl.

Nervous laugh

Whenever she gets nervous, starts laughing repeatedly, covers her mouth with one hand, or tends to bite her tongue and run over her lips to free her nerves, it’s one of her Habits more recurring.


Wendy has a lot of confidence and a fun way of being, she always tries to be flirtatious and makes a gesture with her hand and winks, it’s one habit that even makes her companions nervous. Awwww!

Bad luck

Although it is not intended Wendy’s got a habit of losing at games She does this with her companions, bad luck, distraction or just being her way without her being able to control it. LOL

Seulgi partner

Wendy showed that it is very close Seulgi, At all times she always poses by her side, grabs her arm, hugs her from behind or stands next to her in photo shoots, greetings and programs.

Speak fast

Even though she’s not the group’s rapper Wendy could be one of them because it has Habit of speaking too quicklyEspecially on camera when you receive an award, your ability to speak English can give you that language proficiency.

Facial expression

The face of Wendy is very expressive, has plump cheeks, large slanted eyes and thin and colorful lips. Usually, when she does an exaggerated expression, she marks all of his facial features as if it were an anime.

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