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9 K-Pop MV diagrams depicting multiple people




9 K-Pop MV diagrams depicting multiple people

K-pop music videos tell the most amazing visual stories.

Its content has evolved tremendously over the years and the cinematography behind it is just breathtaking. One such feature that has been used every now and then is the representation of multiple people.

With that in mind, here are some MV acts that featured several of our favorite K-Pop soloists and groups.

1. RM – “joke”

Posing as the patient, security guard, doctor and nurse, RM gives his rivals a taste of their own medicine by flaunting his insane flow. With flawless bars, incredible speed and perfect rhymes, it’s fair to say that RM’s rap skills are no joke!

2. Jeon Somi – “What you waiting for”

In this K-pop MV we see seven sides of the artist thinking about her love life. Each person is more assertive than the other, and they all share a common goal: to free Somi from a relationship that has been holding them back all along.

3. VIXX – “Hyde”

VIXX took a page out of literature with its living adaptation of “Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson. Both her good and bad persons are portrayed interchangeably, displacing their love interest while their behavior towards her fluctuates endlessly.

Four. TWICE – “I can’t stop me”

Based on the early scenes in the K-pop MV, TWICE is faced with a dilemma when they are lured into the darkness. As they try to resist temptation, they can’t help but feel that an inner force within them is driving them to go the other way.

5. KARD – “Gunshot”

In a classic good vs. The quartet is stuck between two parallel but connected worlds. The good doppelgangers suffer from the misdeeds of their evil colleagues, that is, until Jiwoo takes action and puts an end to this bullying by eliminating their bad selves to break the cycle.

6. EXO – “obsession”

EXO faces its dark self X-EXO in duals that are simply impossible to win. Given the song and the MV theme that revolves around obsession, it seems the reason the members can’t defeat their evil alter ego is because they project each other’s feelings onto one another.

August 7th D – “Daechwita”

Agust D is not Suga’s only person, as he introduced two personalities clashing in his music video: Agust D from the past, Agust D from the present. The plot takes place in a historical setting with a modern twist that emphasizes how things have changed between the release of the first and second mixtapes.

8th. Sunmi – “siren”

It’s no surprise that Sunmi has adopted the multiple person concept as she always opts for fascinating content. Sunmi is haunted by four versions of herself and tries to escape the eccentric image of her doppelgangers. She agrees to find solace in her comfortable home away from the bling.

9. WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn) – “Love Me Harder”

WOODZ takes the K-pop audience into a restless chase between their nervous hardcore self and their emotionally vulnerable self. The two make many leaps that skew reality for viewers, with the main theme centered on his toxic relationship that he doesn’t seem to realize on his own.

What K-pop MV story does your favorite people show? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L.. is a Moroccan avid dreamer, writer and Hallyu enthusiast.