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Aespa impresses with its video of the «Black Mamba» «AR» version




Aespa impresses with its video of the «Black Mamba» «AR» version

Aespa thrilled the fans with his video AR from Black mamba.

Translation of «Black Mamba» by aespa + texts in Korean and Romanization

AKMRremoved has shared Black mamba’s Aespa video in Music Bank AR version, amazing fans with its quality. 

Check out the following comments from internet users:

When I saw their performance live on the way home from work I found they were good, so that’s not AR, is it?

Controversy aside, you can see that they are good by looking at the deleted MR video.

I agree. Encores is the best and only accurate way to gauge a singer’s skills. It’s completely live. MR removed the videos, which are never accurate, but many fandoms get angry and start exalting their “queens” and “kings” and criticizing other groups. As if I had seen a GG sing very steadily in a deleted video of Mr. did they have to do what to do. no dances sound terrible n am i like ehh ?? But their fans didn’t say anything

Anyone can say it’s AR. Why do fans claim this is live?

I agree. It has become a trend for idols to pre-record their voices without choreography and with additional auto-tuning in post-production. So if you just remove the vocals from the album you won’t get any real idea of ​​how they are singing live.

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @AKMRremoved

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