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AESPA surprises with the announcement of the name of their fan club





AESPA surprised everyone by revealing the name of his fan club.

The new group of SM entertainment AESPA, shared his thoughts and the new name of his fan club in a statement released by the company.

Karina said:

I still can’t believe it’s real. I can feel the pressure, but the feeling of wanting to show the world a good song and a good performance is even stronger.

Giselle commented:

It feels so new and strange. The fact that so many people are interested in us makes me want to work harder. I want to keep showing how I can change

winter revealed:

I’m excited and nervous about showing everyone the acting I’ve been doing for so long. My goal is to become someone who can show people a bright and positive image like Aespa Winter

NingNing completed:

I’m so grateful for the people who cheered us on with every new trailer. I really want to get on stage as soon as possible and sing and dance. aespa will do a great job, so I hope everyone enjoys it here

Finally the name of the fan club from AESPA would MY which means “my precious friend”.

AESPA surprises with the announcement of the name of their fan club

On the other hand, RBW Entertainment issued a statement announcing it would take legal action to protect it MAMAMOO any defamation. You can read it below:

Hello, we are RBW.

We hire OhKims Law & Company to file complaints against malicious comments, including spreading false information, defamation and defamation online. The punishment for some cases resulted in the imposition of fines. In some cases of systematic, persistent, and malicious commentators, we continue to provide an unprecedented civil level response.

In addition, we inform you that in all cases, including those mentioned above, we will proceed with the strictest legal steps according to the principle of zero tolerance. To this end, we systematically collect evidence through the reporting and self-monitoring of our fans.

We will continue to do our best to protect the rights and interests of our artists through ongoing data collection, monitoring, and strict legal action.

In the future, we ask fans to keep submitting reports. We would like to thank everyone once again for the support of the agency and our artists.

Many thanks.

AESPA surprises with the announcement of the name of their fan club

Furthermore, red velvet has broken with the music video for a record of views on YouTube Psycho. The girls together have exceeded 200 million views Bad boy. Congratulations to the girls on this great achievement!

AESPA surprises with the announcement of the name of their fan club

Regarding Korean drama news, it became known that the drama of the network SBS, The penthouse continues to have spectacular audience ratings. According to the report by Nielsen Korea The last episode in the series had a national screen share of 10.4 and 14.5%. Congratulations to the drama production team!

AESPA surprises with the announcement of the name of their fan club

Finally the drama of Kairos the chain MBC will not air today due to the broadcast of the first round of the KBO League Korean Series of baseball 2020 between Doosan and NC from a quarter past six in the afternoon Korean time.

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