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“Camping Vibes”: Apink’s son Naeun talks about her love for sport





Apink‘s You are naeun spoke about her commitment to the pursuit of JTBC “Camping vibes”!

“Camping Vibes” is a new variety show in which Park na rae, Ahn Young Mi, MAMAMOO‘s Solar, Apink’s son Naeun and Park so damn it Visit places in South Korea with a landscape resembling famous tourist spots abroad.

On the November 3rd broadcast, Ahn Young Mi, Son Naeun and Park So Dam started their day with a morning exercise. Ahn Young Mi asked: “What kind of sport do you usually do?” Son Naeun replied, “I’m getting personal training (PT) and doing Pilates and Gyrotonic.”

"Camping Vibes": Apink's son Naeun talks about her love for sport

Surprised, Ahn Young Mi asked: “Why are you doing so many?” Son Naeun explained: “I do a lot. I cannot live without exercise. ”

When Ahn Young Mi started teaching abs, Park So Dam honestly admitted, “I really want to go to the bathroom.” Ahn Young Mi joked, “Don’t hesitate to let them out. The toxins inside. ”

Son Naeun also showed her flexibility through yoga poses. Ahn Young Mi said, “Naeun is really flexible. I can’t, ”and Park So Dam commented,“ You are like a moose. ”

"Camping Vibes": Apink's son Naeun talks about her love for sport

Check out the full clip below!

“Camping Vibes” airs every Tuesday at 11pm KST.

Check out “Camping Vibes” on Viki below:

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