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ARMY are millionaires?




ARMY are millionaires?

ARMY is one of the largest and most popular fandoms in the K-pop industry. BTS fans are considered to be the biggest donors of their idols’ official merchandise and items.

Bts is one of the representatives of the musical phenomenon South Korea, his music and projects were positioned in the top spots on the popularity charts, grabbing the world’s attention for their style and liking.

The success of Beyond the scene is largely thanks to her fans for promoting the advert on social media tape Leads from RM and more internet users were interested in the Singer and rapper.

The influence of ARMY is worldwide, thanks to their dedication and determination they won the title of Fandom that spends most money Fan purchases were a huge source of income for the stars.

ARMY, the strength of the K-pop group BTS

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South Korean media reports confirmed this ARMY is the fandom that spend more money, any follower of the grouping of Big Hit Entertainment He spent an average of $ 545 on official merchandise and $ 541 on online concert tickets.

In addition, they recorded single purchases of $ 336 per album. The statistics made it possible to know a little more about the habits of ARMY It is believed that every person in the Fan base He has at least 15 original albums and he has bought 5 show tickets.

He Fan base World of Bangtan Boys could spend more than $ 1,000 a year on merch and presentations, the equivalent of 20,042 Mexican pesos, a huge number considering the number of people who have joined the interpreter’s fan club dynamite.

The power of ARMY is not limited to the economy, Fan base of Bts It is one of the most organized in the music industry. With every comeback they supported the idols with reproductions of the MV and on the music platforms.

ARMY He is also aware of current and social issues, they have been involved in various causes to protect the environment, donate basic needs and have become an active part of good causes for Bts.

The 7 members of Bts The Korean pop idols were a huge engine of the Korean economy, with sales of several million dollars in 2020. OMG!

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