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Babymonsters: the new YG group




Babymonsters: the new YG group

The entertainment agency YG is about to present the 8 official members of the girl group BabyMonsters, this would be the first launch of a girl group of the company after the debut of BLACKPINK.

YG Entertainment is one of the 3 most important companies in the K-pop industry, the company has under its representation iconic groups such as BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, BLACKPINK and TREASURE.

Some time ago, the South Korean company communicated their new plans and projects for 2021, revealed that they were in the process of debuting a group of girls, YG would present the profiles of each member of the group individually.

Korean media published information about the women’s group, sharing details such as the name, number of members and organization of the project. We tell you all the details below.


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There has been speculation for some time about the title of the girl band, apparently the definitive one would be BabyMonsters, the name would try to show the ferocity and charm of the official lineup. OMG!

The number of members is also an interesting aspect, the number of BabyMonsters members would be 8 in total, which would place the band as the first YG Entertainment girl band to have more than 4 idols in its ranks.

The group will include girls of different nationalities such as: Korean, mixed Korean, Japanese and the idea of members from China or other parts of Asia was not ruled out. YG registered two trademarks such as BaeMon and BabyMon, rumor has it that these are the titles of the two BabyMonsters sub-units.

This is the first launch of a group of girls from the agency founded by Yang Hyun Suk after the debut of BLACKPINK in 2016.

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