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BLACKPINK’s Rosé fortune, what does she spend her money on?




Rosé fortune, what does she spend her money on?

BLACKPINK’s Rosé made a huge fortune thanks to her idol career. What caste is your money in?

The member’s dream of K-pop group started in 2012 when she auditioned in her native Australia after being accepted by the agency YGHe moved to South Korea to realize his dream as a singer, which he realized with his companions in 2016. 4 years was enough for him to gain huge popularity and create his own Capital.

Also known as Roseanne Park, the idol of BLACKPINK has become one of the korean stars With the group’s last album selling more than 1 million copies, it also became the world’s most popular World ambassador of the luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent, Give him the status of elegance and fashion icon.

It took 4 years for him to debut but from the start he made a huge impact, in fact he started his career unofficially with BIG BANG’s G-Dragonwhen he was working on his song “Without You”, one of the rapper’s best releases. The success and talent of rose allow one luxurious lifestyle.


As Fashion icon and live in a country known for being a trend in beauty and the best looks, rose can invest between 3 and 6 thousand dollars in his clothes. Her style, which could be described as e-girl, cute and feminine, includes brands like Adidas, Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton.

The set of clothes and accessories for everyone has a price that ranges from a thousand to the most luxurious Cartier, over 30K as it sells high end jewelry. The handbags from the fashion house of which she is the ambassador mainly sell bags and dresses that cost 20, 30, and even 30K, but as the face of their campaigns, it is possible that they will receive theirs Outfits as Sponsorship.

In terms of lifestyle, rosé is a fan of Apple and always has the latest iPhone models, most recently the Pro Max 11 valued at over a thousand dollars. His place of residence lives next door BLACKPINK at the upscale Han River Bamseom Apartments neighborhood whose rent is more than $ 10,500.

At the beginning of his career her capital net was $ 2 million excluding taxes, which is now believed to make a quarter of BLACKPINK, the group said Profits of 32 million and rosé gets more than 8th Millions of dollars. She also get part of your income for his campaigns with brands like Kiss, We and ELLE Korea.

BLACKPINK's Rosé fortune, what does she spend her money on?

The singer has a great style for fashion and has imposed a few Trends, her best photos They can inspire you to take a selfie from home.

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