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BTOB 4 U crashed on the SBS show with “Show Your Love”




BTOB 4 U crashed on the SBS show with "Show Your Love"

BTOB 4 U. won in the program The SBS show With Show your love.

Translation of “Show Your Love” by BTOB 4U + Korean texts and romanization

BTOB 4 U. got the victory in The show With Show your love. With 7040 points they exceeded Black mamba from AESPA already Bump bump from WOODZ.

It’s also the fastest win a sub-unit has achieved (in 8 days since its debut).

Check out the fan comments:

the pride with which I deal nono in these moments, every day more grateful for btob and melody

15M and his 1st win

proud of these babies, every work has its reward and they always show it. You made a cb / debut with a beautiful song and deserved this win. Excellent melody.

Melody! You went out of your way to look after the boys too and therefore you deserve congratulations too, I hope you are happy and most of all healthy! let’s support together for a long time!

IDOLS continues to surprise with the lyrics, melodies, dances, voices and always leaves a lesson about life, family, friends and now love in every situation

proud of my kings beyond measure.

Congratulations to BTOB 4 U. for that win on the show! Leave your congratulatory message on our Facebook page or on our Twitter account. Also share the news on your social networks with your friends!

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