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BTS: 7 unforgettable moments from the time of the Wings




BTS: 7 unforgettable moments from the time of the Wings

The era of ‘Wings’ was one of the darkest concepts that BTS idols have tried. It remains one of the most famous ARMY albums. Recently, a post from Big Hit Entertainment sparked theories about the Idol universe.

Bts published the plate material ‘Wings’ On October 10, 2016, the project told a story through the 15 songs in which the idols of K-pop Their work was inspired by various novels and literary publications.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment piqued the curiosity of ARMY. They published two pictures on the agency’s Twitter account under the hashtag #Throwback Thursday in Spanish “Thursday of memories” or “Thursday of the return to the past”.

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Each of the snapshots was tagged by Jin and Jungkook the Golden Maknae did not appear in the mail but had his name next to the song ‘Tomorrow’ which is on the album Skool Luv affair.

While in the other photo Jin appeared with huge black wings depicting the song ‘Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych ‘‘Track that also belonged’Skool Luv Affair ‘. In the description they added a message:

Be confident, believe in yourself, we keep attacking.

Many fans began to create differently Theories on the meaning of photosSome competed for the company to reveal different content each week to remember them CDs of Bts and others speculated so Idols You could have a record with the theme ‘Wings’.

Next, we’ll show you some memorable things that made the musical era of ‘Wings’. Rex Nation takes you on a journey back in time with these epic memories from the album by Bangtan Boys.

Unforgettable things from BTS’s Wings album


In wing album, the Idols of Bts dared to publish songs as soloists, They tried different genres and shone with their own light. Jungkook played ‘Begin’, Jimin ‘Lie’, Taehyung ‘Sigma ‘, Suga ‘First love ‘, RM with ‘Reflection’, Jin ‘Awakening ‘ and J-Hope created ‘MAMA’.

Blood Sweat and Tears

‘Blood sweat & tears‘ was the title track of the album’Wings’ The video was one of the most spectacular of the Idols of K-popThey recorded in different sets that were inspired by museums and houses. The stages reflected the mysterious world of Bts.


Bts I think ‘Wings’ With various references from classic novels such as “The Catcher in the Rye” by JD Salinger, the book told the life of Holden Caulfield, a young man who discovered his transition from young to adult.

Live Shows

The members of Bts showed their talents with live performances of the songs in ‘Wings’, Idols performed at concerts, music shows, and award ceremonies.


The Outfits that Bts used during the musical era of ‘Wings’ caught the public’s attention with an elegant style. The clothes they wore consisted of shirts, jackets, and formal suits.


The Members of Bts played with different genres. In the ‘Wings’ They went on a very interesting musical journey, they showed a more mature side with jazz, R&B, hip-hop, pop and dance.


The creativity of ARMY was captured in the era of wing, an infinite number of Theories explained the inner universe of Bts Some created stories in which the meaning of each element within the album.

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