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BTS: idols who were about to be part of the group




BTS: idols who were about to be part of the group

Right now, BTS is one of the most popular K-pop groups. Their story could have been different, however, as there were other members training alongside Jimin, V, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jin, and Jungkook.

The agency of Big hit I never would have predicted that boys would become the hottest idols in the business J-Hope wanted to leave the project before his debut, but it seems that fate shaped the way of the 7 current membersbecause it was in the beginning trainee these were part of the original list.

It is not known if there would always be 7 members, but during the time of BTS training, Even from another alternative project to the group, there were boys who joined their ranks and were abandoned for various reasons, between conflicts of interest, different dreams, or because the first debut never happened.

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Fate, bad decisions or everyone decided to go their own way, but this one former members of Bangtan They did not finish their education and continued their careers alone or as producers, allowing the boys to meet in the practice room and form the 7 idols that have captured the heart of ARMY.

We’ll leave you a list of 7 idols who dropped out and turned down the chance to debut alongside BTS and your reasons for rejecting the offer. Though there were those who preferred to go their own way Bts has become the inspiration for new rookies and peers ENHYPEN, The boys changed Jay’s life.

These idols changed their fate and refused to participate in BTS


The idol had other interests as he wanted to become a producer and was not enthusiastic about the project at the time Bangtan, So he left the agency and signed with another company that suffered financial losses along with his colleagues. He became closely associated with Jin during his education and is currently a songwriter and producer, although he regrets his choices in the past.

Cho Ik Jem

The idol tried to start his solo career after canceling the BTS project. Well, he was very young at the time and didn’t take training seriously. Although he continues on his path, he has taken a break after failing to achieve his goals.


He was a member of Young Republic. Became an intern on the side project too BTS, They even got to film the photoshoot with some of the guys, but they never made their debut, so he left the agency and fulfilled his dream with another K-pop group.


Apparently her dream wasn’t to become an idol. He was a trainee for a while Big blow, although he also had plans to get married and thought that the group would have no future at this point. He is currently working as a hip-hop soloist and performing in some Korean shows.


He is a hip hop soloist who was given the opportunity to be part of the K-pop group BTS;; However, in one of his songs, he revealed that he turned down the offer because he had to undergo plastic surgery to match the project’s image.


He is an idol that has been the subject of some controversy, despite being a trainee to debut with BTS, He left the project due to creative differences, he didn’t like the direction the group was going, moreover, his personality was incompatible with the boys.

Supreme Boi

He was a trainee of Btsbut being an idol and having that image wasn’t his thing, so he decided to leave the project despite working with Big hit As a producer, he even worked with the guys on their debut “2 COOL 4 SKOOL”, Today he is one of the agency’s songwriters.

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