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BTS reveals their song history on Immortal Song




BTS reveals their song history on Immortal Song

A musical special brought together several of the hits produced by Pdogg and the members of BTS and shared anecdotes from those pieces.

Immortal songs prepared a special in honor of Producer Pdogg who worked with Idols from Bangtan sonyeondan During his career, he has also participated in his most famous songs. The Singer accompanied this figure of music exchange Anecdotes of his creative process.

Immortal songs It’s a competition where multiple artists cover songs from the same group, artist or producer, but the commentary on each tune gives the show an extremely interesting twist.

When the show revealed the musical performances, the guys came out Bts They revealed some facts about the way they wrote each song, the changes they made before it was released, and the story that inspired them.

So it was like that Idols from Big Hit Entertainment They also looked back on times during their careers and how they gradually developed.

The history of BTS songs and their creative process

According to the stories of the Idols, Suga tried to instill a sense of motivation and excitement in this song. It all started with a word used in Daegu to show enthusiasm, so they created a song that helped others feel safe and confident to do things when they felt confused about the final details. Suga found the word that would give him the perfect seal.

The members of Bts They commented that this is a song anyone can relate to and that it was actually based on their own experiences of getting away from some friends. The leader the group wrote the tune while recalling some experiences with friends he was no longer close to. V tHe also wrote his own version of this song, but ended up with the lyrics of Namjoon She was chosen. They planned to release an optimistic song, but they preferred to prepare a tune that would comfort people.

The experience of Idols The release of this tune was very special as it represented a change in the work they were doing. The members of Bts They found that by this time they noticed that the response from fans around the world had increased significantly, which helped them feel motivated and keep doing their best.

Yes Blood sweet & tears represented a change DNA It was a fresh start for the group as they started working with a global audience who were very supportive and, although they felt nervous, ARMY He always gave them confidence. So they decided to interpret a melody about love and the illusion that this feeling awakens.

For the group of K-pop, fake love It was a song that helped them express the feelings they faced when they felt tired despite great success. They could create a melody that both comforted and encouraged them.

It is a very meaningful song for the members of BTS because it gave them their first number 1 in their careers, they fondly remember the time when Pdogg He presented the melody and the reactions they had, but they did not imagine what effect the song would have.

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