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BTS shows the “stage cam” version of “Life Goes On” at MAMA 2020




BTS shows the "stage cam" version of "Life Goes On" at MAMA 2020

BTS has shown the video of the stage cam version of Life Goes On at the MAMA 2020. You will be able to watch their incredible dancing skills and their vocal talent.

Check out the video and the fan comments below:

BTS takes every performance seriously and they always think of new things 💜 They work very hard just for ARMYs🥺 But I can see BTS do the same thing a million times and I will NEVER get tired of ellos💜

You, who made me happy when I cried with a deep voice like no other, my tongue cannot express when I see your beauty. (Dear Taehyung Kim)

Jungkook heals with song and voice, always impressed by his perfect live skills.

Jungkook’s voices are literally on another level.

Jungkook’s voice is really clear here, her chorus, her adlibs make this song more beautiful, she really has an incredible voice and they are all the best singers.

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