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BTS triumphs on “Music Core” with “Dynamite”




BTS triumphs on "Music Core" with "Dynamite"

Bts has win in Musical core of the MBC With dynamite.

Translation of «Dynamite» from BTS + English texts

The idols got the win in the program Musical core With dynamite. With 10,130 points they beat Lovesick girls by BLACKPINK already do not touch me by Refund Sisters.

Watch the video of the victory:

Check out the following fan comments:

Congratulations to our boys and more awards will follow. BTS WORLD DOMINATION

Every time I see another win for Dynamite, I remember people saying that there are better songs than Dynamite to win SOTY or Performance, and Dynamite keeps winning and that it came out long ago

I’m curious why dynamite is still nominated for victories even though it’s 10 weeks old. It really makes me curious, I always thought that they were only nominated for a month, it’s not hate, I want to know unu

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