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BTS welcomes you to their “pop-up store” in Seoul




BTS welcomes you to their "pop-up store" in Seoul

Bts showed the inside of his Pop-up store in Seoul.

Bts has welcomed fans to his new one Pop-up store in Seoul. The boys respect all health protocols and show you their facility’s incredible products.

Watch the video:

Check out the following fan comments:

Why is everyone here only talking about the army of this or another country and asking for likes? Let’s talk about how happy our boy looks here and this video should be long. But that’s enough ♡

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Taehyung, what’s wrong with that look? They attack us again

Ami anneyong! Taehyung’s birthday from BTS is just around the corner! We’re going to give him the streaming of blues and grays so that this song tops the Hot 100 list for the next 20 days ♡

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @BANGTANTV

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