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BTS’s secrets and BE’s tracklist, their new album




BTS's secrets and BE's tracklist, their new album

After BTS revealed the songs that will be part of their new album, the theories and revelations have begun. Find out the secret behind BE’s tracklist.

As the preparations for a new album started the guys from Bangtan sonyeondan They shared some details of this record material with fans while they met and brainstormed during the online broadcasts. Although at the time I wasn’t sure what would be part of the albumNow we can put some pieces together to define what to expect from the premiere of HIS.

The Track list This album consists of 8 melodies that appear in the following order: Life Goes On, The Way To Travel In My Room, Blue & Gray, Sketch, Moment, Illness, Stay and dynamite, but you might be surprised to find this list of Songs hides secrets about its creation.

You should know the details of the BE tracklist

The Track list was divided on a white background on which we can see different types of fonts. It was recently revealed that this is because the names of the songs were handwritten by the group members.

What is known about the songs so far? The album HIS contains a melody under the name sketch, but after the talks that the Idols they intended ARMYIt could be an auditory sketch explaining the concept they followed in creating this album.

On the other hand, some suggest that the song be under the name moment could also be translated as telepathy, a word mentioned by RM while he was preparing the album and that he was thinking about how to communicate with their fans without needing words. According to the copyright registration, this tune was the participation of RM, Jungkook and Suga for your writing.

Another interesting detail can be found in the song called illnessbecause while it could reflect a history of physical discomfort, it could also be a play on words in an awkward situation.

Finally the song under the name Blue gray It could be the unknown song that was featured during an episode of BTS In The Soopbecause the text of this melody contains verses that speak of both colors.

Very soon the songs of Bts Y. TXT becomes part of a new video game For mobile phones, we will give you the details.

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