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Cha In Pyo opens up about her married life with Shin Ae Ra




In the latest episode of “My ugly duckling“, Cha in Pyo talks about married life with his wife Shin Ae Ra!

During the broadcast of the SBS variety show on January 24th, the actor appeared as a special MC. We introduce him as “husband of the nation” Shin Dong Yup joked: “In a way, he’s the public enemy of South Korean husbands: a guy that is [famous for being] entirely dedicated to his wife. ”

Seo Jang Hoon Then she asked, “When Shin Ae Ra was on the show, she said that Cha In Pyo would tell her the words ‘I love you’ about five times a day. Do you still say it five times a day?”

After a moment’s thought, Cha In Pyo replied, “I say it about five times a day: once when I wake up in the morning, once when I go out, once when I come home, once after dinner. It could actually be about six times a day. ”

Seo Jang Hoon asked him, “What if you are busy outside?” “Then I’ll tell you by phone,” Cha In Pyo replied. “Because if I don’t say it, who will? She is my wife. ”

The actor went on laughing, “My wife usually texts me back and says, ‘Me too. ‘The words she says the most are “Me too” and “Don’t make a mess”. ”

Cha In Pyo opens up about her married life with Shin Ae Ra

Later, Seo Jang Hoon mentioned something Cha In Pyo had said in the past, recalling, “When Shin Ae Ra was on the show, she spoke to you on the phone. They said, “For me, the durability of love is until the day one of us – either my wife or I – dies.” Do you remember that? ”

Cha In Pyo replied, “Yes, now that you say it, I remember it. But when I look back now, I think I spelled wrong. When one of us dies, we don’t know what will happen to the other of us. So I want to change this part of the quote to the day we both die. ”

Shin Dong Yup then asked him a question that the hosts of “My Ugly Duckling” often ask their guests: “If you were born again, would you still marry your current wife?”

After Cha In Pyo sighed, he paused for a long time as he considered the question and made everyone laugh. Seo Jang Hoon remarked with surprise: “The answer is taking much longer than expected!”

In the end, Cha In Pyo hilariously evaded the question by remarking, “I’m a Christian, so I don’t believe in reincarnation.” Shin Dong Yup commented, amused, “This is the first time that someone has avoided answering this question like that.”

Cha In Pyo opens up about her married life with Shin Ae RaCha In Pyo opens up about her married life with Shin Ae Ra

The hosts also asked Cha In Pyo how he believed he was going to measure up to Choi Soo Jong, another actor known for being a devoted husband.

Cha In Pyo stated that every couple is different, noting, “Some people prefer surprise events, others prefer expressions of love.” When the MCs asked if this meant he wasn’t preparing surprise events for his wife, he affirmed, “Yes, my wife doesn’t want her. She doesn’t like them. ”

When asked when Shin Ae Ra looked the most beautiful in his eyes, Cha In Pyo said: “In the morning, when we see each other for the first time after waking up, she always smiles at me brightly and asks: ‘Honey, you have slept well? ? ‘ For 20 years. It can’t be easy. There must be days when she’s tired, but she always greets me like this. I think, “Wow, I really married the right person.” Just seeing and hearing that kind of greeting makes me so happy. ”

Cha In Pyo opens up about her married life with Shin Ae Ra

Shin Dong Yup went on to ask, “Are there ever times when you are a little afraid of your wife?” Cha In Pyo replied, “I’m never really scared of her. But sometimes my pride gets hurt while driving. My wife thinks she’s a better driver than me and I think she’s better than her. Sometimes something she says makes me think: ‘Is she looking down on my driving? ‘“

He continued with a laugh, “At the beginning of our marriage, my wife’s car was black and my car was white. I accidentally bumped into my wife’s car while parking. So I had a black scratch on my car and my wife had a white scratch on hers. Because of this incident, until now, whenever I try to park my car, she says she will do it instead. So I have to give up the driver’s seat. ”

Cha In Pyo opens up about her married life with Shin Ae Ra

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