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“Cheat On Me If You Can”: 4 different ways Go Joon behaves




Go joon has proven that he can work with literally everyone in “Cheat On me if you can”!

KBS 2TV’s “Cheat on Me If You Can” is a comedy mystery thriller about adults who put up with all kinds of bad behavior. Jo yeo jeong Stars in the drama are crime novelist Kang Yeo Joo, who all day ponders different ways to kill people while Go Joon plays her husband, divorce lawyer Han Woo Sung.

Week after week, Go Joon impressed the audience with his witty, skillful acting – as well as his entertaining chemistry with his various co-stars. Here are four of the most memorable types of chemistry the actor has shown in the drama to date:


1. Sweet but deadly: Go Joon and Jo Yeo Jeong

"Cheat On Me If You Can": 4 different ways Go Joon behaves

After Han Woo Sung fell in love with Kang Yeo Joo at first sight, he was so desperate to marry her that he even offered to make a written promise saying, “If you cheat, you will die.” After tying the knot, Han Woo Sung still cannot give up his philandering practices. Despite being the most loving husband, he has spent his entire marriage carefully covering up the traces of his adultery and living in constant fear of being found out – resulting in a strained, nervous chemistry between the couple that is both cute and sweet is nerve-wracking. at the same time.

2. A hidden rivalry: Go Joon and Kim young dae

"Cheat On Me If You Can": 4 different ways Go Joon behaves"Cheat On Me If You Can": 4 different ways Go Joon behaves

From the moment he first meets his wife’s new assistant, Cha Soo Ho (played by Kim Young Dae), Han Woo Sung is immediately concerned about how “unnecessarily handsome” he is. Though they smile politely and act kindly to each other, the two men can’t stop themselves from always keeping their jealousy about each other. The tense, unspoken rivalry between the two characters even leads to hilariously displeased internal monologues about how good the other man looks.

3. Dangerous and taboo: Go Joon and Yeonwoo

"Cheat On Me If You Can": 4 different ways Go Joon behaves

Even after he has decided to cheat his wife for good, Han Woo Sung is drawn to college student Go Mi Rae (played by Yeonwoo), whom he meets by chance. When Go Mi Rae returns his interest, Han Woo Sung desperately tries to stave off the temptation of another matter based on his dreams of a political career – but the fight proves to be more difficult than expected. To make matters worse, a series of unfortunate coincidences lead the eagle-eyed Kang Yeo Joo to become suspicious of their relationship.

4. The realistic dispute of the BFFs: Go Joon and Jung sang hoon

"Cheat On Me If You Can": 4 different ways Go Joon behaves

Son Jin Ho (played by Jung Sang Hoon) is not only Han Woo Sung’s partner, but also his close friend and confidante who knows many of his secrets. The funny brotherly arguments between the two show how close they are and make their friendship feel all too realistic. The “stupid” comic chemistry between the two friends is also one of the most entertaining aspects of the drama.

“Cheat on Me If You Can” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 pm KST.

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