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City Couple’s Way of Love: Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won’s reveal a main romantic poster





Ji Chang Wook and Kim ji won in City Couple’s Way of Love revealed its main poster!

City Couple’s Way of Love (literal translation) is an upcoming KakaoTV original drama about the true romance of young people struggling to survive in the hectic city. It is produced for several seasons, and the first is entitled “My Lovable Camera Thief”.

Ji Chang Wook plays a passionate architect named Park Jae Won who chases after a girl named “Comrade Thief” who stole her heart on a summer night a year ago. Kim Ji Won plays a freelance marketer named Lee Eun Oh who impulsively takes on a secret alter ego named Yoon Sun Ah and eventually falls in love with Park Jae Won.

In the new poster, Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won are enjoying a romantic date on a rooftop surrounded by fireworks. Kim Ji Won channels her character’s alter ego, Yoon Sun Ah, who is a free spirit who is not afraid to show her wild side. Ji Chang Wook shows his character’s devotion to the woman he loves by directing his warm gaze in her direction. The headline reads: “The questions that begin after a breakup seek the way to love.”

City Couple's Way of Love: Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won's reveal a main romantic poster

The premiere of “City Couple’s Way of Love” will be premiered on December 8th at 5pm KST on KakaoTV.

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