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Eunha from GFRIEND takes a short break from health activities




Eunha from GFRIEND takes a short break from health activities

Gfriend Eunha will temporarily take a break from public activities to focus on her health.

On November 10th, GFRIEND’s agency published the following statement as an official announcement in their Weverse community.

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This is a note for fans about the health of GFRIEND member Eunha.

While preparing for the Press showcase Eunha had eye pain on Monday November 9th and was examined in detail at a hospital after the incident.

She was diagnosed with corneal inflammation. To follow the doctor’s advice that she should get enough rest to prevent the condition from getting worse, we have decided that she will be resting for three days from today.

During the three days, only the five members other than Eunha will take part in the planned activities to help Eunha recover. After a re-examination, we will then decide whether or not she will join the group’s activities.

We have come to this decision and consider Eunha’s health to be the highest priority. We therefore ask buddies for their kind understanding.

We will always do our best to prioritize the health and safety of all of our artists.

Please show unchanging love and support for “回: Walpurgis Night” and “MAGO”.

GFRIEND recently celebrated their comeback with “WIZARD, ”A disco track about taking over your own life. At the comeback press conference, Eunha appeared with a spot over her right eye.

I wish Eunha a speedy recovery!

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