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Eunwoo shows what his ideal type of girl looks like




Eunwoo shows what his ideal type of girl looks like

Cha Eunwoo stole the looks of the fans thanks to her role as “Lee Su Ho” in the drama “True Beauty”. Discover the type of ideal girl that the idol ASTRO likes.

At just 23, he managed to build a career as an actor and K-pop singer. He is currently one of the most popular faces after the premiere of his new series based on the Webtoon with the same name. The romantic love comedy shows him as a popular and serious boy who, however, manages to find the natural and inner beauty of the protagonist of “True beauty”.

What kind of girl does ASTRO‘s Eunwoo like? Although his character falls in love with a girl who hides her real looks under makeup, the idol has his own preferences when it comes to a girlfriend Personality, character and physique. Find out if you could make the singer fall in love.

According to your zodiac sign Aries, Eunwoo in love he describes himself as a very direct and honest person. They maintain a good relationship with their partner’s friends and live their feelings with great passion, although it is difficult for them to find the right person while they are experiencing some Relationships failed. The idol is the guy who gives himself and gives everything for him Pair.

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Eunwoo once explained something Kind of girl He’s drawn to it, he’s also shared what he expects from a relationship.

Celebrity crush

The idol of STAR He confessed that his type is someone like the actress Shin Min Ah, despite a large age difference. She is known for such dramas as “Oh my Venus” and “My friend is a gumiho”.


his ideal girlfriend It has to be a girl who has long hair and is about as tall as him. Also, she wouldn’t mind being fashionable if she was older.


He wants a girl who is thoughtful, loving, educated, and in a good mood so that he can feel comfortable, especially to get out of his comfort zone. Eunwoo He believes opposites attract and wants his girlfriend to be the exact opposite of him.


The person who manages to steal his heart has to be someone who takes care of him, someone who likes to get up early because he’s known in the group as “The Living Alarm” who makes him laugh, the shares the same interests, is tender and your love is mutual.

If you want to know more about the idol, we will leave you a list with the Dramas and films in which ASTROs Eunwoo has participated.

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